Welcome to my Book BLOG!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my book blog. As COVID-19 and quarantine were in effect, I have rediscovered my love for reading. I will be reviewing books I have read to give you better insight on the storyline and characters. Right now, this blog is for me is to help me remember stories that I have read in the past so I know which ones I loved and which ones I didn’t. Also, when I am looking for a specific type of theme or vibe of a book than I will be able to look back here.

It’s also for those on the fence about a book. For me, I have noticed that book-cover blurbs or descriptions are not descriptive enough to give a sense of what the book is about. Sometimes the book blurbs are so bad that I have no clue what the book is about therefore discouraging me from reading the book. My reviews and lists will provide more insight on the book and a few spoilers that will give you more clarity.

I will also provide lists of books that have the same theme or topic as well, if you want something similar to what you have read.

Posting every Friday and Sunday so stay tuned! I hope you all enjoy my book reviews and leave a comment as I would love to hear your thoughts and interact! I’m open to book recommendations!

Love E.

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