Falling Out of Hate with You by Lauren Rowe – Honest Review and Spoilers

This is a haters to lovers’ duet, which the second book did not come out till a few days later (which I loved) so I didn’t have to wait for months. I hate it when you get into a book and realize it ends on a cliff-hanger and you have to wait months for the next book to come out and by the time you get to the next book you already forgot what the previous book was about. Don’t even get me started on trilogies! However, for this book duet, the second book released only a few days later, and settled my impatient mind to calm down and chill.

Moving on to the summary. So it starts off with Adrian Savage, the lead singer of a band called Fugitive Summer which is a very famous band, he is an influential musician that does not like to socialize with others and gets whatever he wants. He has a close relationship with his grandma (Mimi) and cousin Sasha. He has very few friends, and as per-usual women fawn over him. He is tired of the fake people and women sleeping with him just for publicity and isn’t about that scene anymore. 

Laila Fitzgerald is an up-and-coming singer who is signed to the same label as Adrian. She has a thing for bad boys and overall has terrible taste in men. Her and Adrian are at the same party and they both see each other. However, Adrian’s best friend has eyes for her and Adrian being the friend that he is let’s him go after her while he sits back and has his internal struggle. Laila made it clear that she is not interested in his friend and has hinted to have some interest in Savage. However, Savage blows her off and tries to make her hate him. So, at this party it is discovered that Fitzgerald will be the opener for his band on their domestic part of the tour, and Savage vocally let it be known he does not like that. 

Fast forward, she joins them and he is rude to her and is always late which pisses her off. Savage’s friend realizes that he does not have a shot with her and knew that Savage liked her so he gave Savage his blessing to go get her. However, Savage realizes his colossal mistake that she literally hates him after all this s*** that he pulled and is having second thoughts. But they got together ONCE and that was it. He writes a song about their time together. A misunderstanding occurs where she sees him go to his hotel room with his cousin and Leila mistakes the cousin for being some random chick he was going to hook up with. This then tears a rift between them and she completely ignores him. Months after the tour is done they reconnect because they are forced into a situation together where they have to pretend they are boyfriend and girlfriend when shooting their singing competition television show. While most books like this they get together again without hashing out their miscommunication. Before shooting she listens to the song he wrote about her and he denies it but it is very clear the song is about her and that basically ends the book on a cliff-hanger.

I thought this book was okay but I didn’t see anything new that stood out because it was a typical rock band style book – which I have read in the past. But it is an easy read and the heroine is not a laid down type of girl. There is this one scene where her and her agent (who is also female) negotiate with two males and it was so good because they demanded their pay and got what they wanted. This is a great example of female bosses, which I really enjoyed! Stay tuned for the summary of the second book of this duet.


  • Insta-love
  • haters to lovers duet
  • Rock band romance
  • Strong women
  • Pretty cover
  • Rating 3/5

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Love E.

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