Falling Into Love with You by Lauren Rowe – Review

Small spoilers up-ahead. Falling Into Love with You.

Well after reading the second book is definitely my favourite out of the two. The second book of The Hate-Love Duet takes right on after the first with Laila still contemplating about if “Hate Sex High” is about her. Which she then comes to the realization it is about her but it’s payback for the event that happened with her “ex” Malik. (I say “ex” because it wasn’t really her ex and she just used him to make Savage jealous). 

The book begins with Laila and Savage filming the singing competition show and they must play the role of boyfriend and girlfriend. They move into a mansion house together given by the production studio for the duration of filming the show – and later realize they still have amazing chemistry and decide to put the past behind them. With that in mind they form a new relationship and everything is blissful in their happy relationship. On the show they are showing major love and chemistry on and off camera. They even plan to spend their winter break together. But Laila is scared that the show runner is going to fire her because of a clause put into her contract that states that they can terminate the contract whenever they want, so Laila is worried and wants to do whatever makes the producers happy – even if that means getting into a fight with Savage on TV. Laila explains all her worries to Savage and Savage being the handy boyfriend that he is, does a series of events to purposely annoy Laila into a fit of rage on screen. However, Savage took it a bit too far with miscommunication and judgement, the fake fight turned into a real one. But they still travelled together to Chicago to visit his grandma and cousin for the holidays because they lied to everyone including their family that they were together. On this trip a lot of misconceptions are revealed and cleared up. Like how Laila thought Savage brought back a girl only hours he was just with Laila in Vegas – in the first book – she discovered was his cousin. Now this event was the root of Laila’s problems with Savage, but after that was cleared up all was well. The story of Savage’s grandma was so cute and I was sad that she passed away but it made the story that much more emotional. I think the Chicago trip Savage let down all his walls and finally opened up to Laila and vice versa. But of course, there must be a conflict which was: the producer Nadia planning on firing Laila, but Savage saved the day by giving up his salary for the show in order to keep Laila on for the full season and maybe hinting at proposing to her in the finale of the show. This was probably the question that all readers wanted to know on if he was going to do it. Spoiler: he didn’t, but he had really good reasons not to and I will leave it at that. But evidently all is revealed and Laila and Savage move in together and have such a famous romantic life together. 

I did like this book better than the second one because the first book had so much miscommunication that pissed me off. The second book I liked the dynamic between the two main characters and the insight into the famous lives of celebrities and what goes into a singing competition. It reminded me a lot of America’s Got Talent or The Voice. The dynamic between the couple reminded me of Blake and Adam Levine on The Voice. 

I also enjoyed how there were mistakes on both sides so I really didn’t have a side to root for as both were making mistakes that made me mad. 

Also, if you are a music fan then this book is for you. The author even included real life songs that you can listen to on Spotify. I think the “Hate Sex High” is probably my favourite, so I recommend reading the book and listen to the music.


  • Rockstar Romance Novel
  • Steam Beam Scenes 3.5/5
  • Cover is beautiful, love the colours
  • Rating 4/5

Let me know in the comments if this post made you want to read this book more. I know I give spoilers and people don’t like that but you still get the whole vibe and experience. Spoilers also help you motivate to read because you might want to experience the build up so… Like, Comment and Subscribe for more! Also let me know if you have any suggestions for me to read.

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