Evin’s Fight by Ahren Sanders – Review and Spoilers

I have been waiting for Evin’s Fight from the Southern Charmers series for so LONG and now IT’S FINALLY OUT. First off, I like to say that Ahren Sanders has been one of my go to authors for instant, alpha male romance novels. My all-time favorite books by her are Reed’s Reckoning and Surrendering (review coming soon). Anyways, this is the third book in the Southern Charmers series. Evin, who is Darby’s twin (Darby’s story is the first book), is the hero of this book. He is a workaholic and works at the bank. A very successful 35 year-old – I might add. He has never had a serious relationship and has never projected any alpha male tendencies like his other friends until he sees Poppy. 

So, Evin and his gang go to Vegas for a combined bachelor and bachelorette party and that is where he meets Poppy for the first time. Poppy, a dancer in Vegas Cirque, she is super sweet, wild child, free spirited and is the type of person to give everyone a third and fourth chance. She literally meets Darby and the rest of the girls at the spa and become instant friends.

Evin sees her at her show. It was love at first sight. Instant attraction. After Poppy’s performance she hangs out with the rest of the gang and after everyone leaves it’s just her and Evin. They talk and walk along the strip. She sees a beautiful diamond poppy ring and the next day Evin buys it for her. Side note: Poppy is also a virgin. 

They instantly hit it off and have been hanging around each other. Evin extends his trip, which doesn’t matter because his work told him to take a 10-week vacation since he is such a workaholic. 

What is a complete mystery, and you’ll learn the answer when you read the book, is Poppy’s childhood. At the beginning of the book it is a complete mystery on where she grew up, all we know is that she has no family besides her dancer friends. 

Another mystery is how their relationship is going to survive since the both live on different sides of the country. – I think my American geography might a bit off. 

Back to the story. So they spend lots of time together. They go out for dinner and Poppy reads a text from his old fling Rina asking to take her back. Now this brings up some memories from Poppy’s past that aren’t pretty (her ex was an NFL player who cheated on her with.. SPOILER her sister). Evin explains himself to her that he absolutely has no feelings for this other woman and that is instantly cleared up. 

Next revelation was about Poppy’s past. (Spoiler: her real name is not Poppy). She later explains that she is the daughter of the Governor of Virginia. She has an Irish Twin meaning they have the same birthday but not born in the same year. Her sister (Natasha) is evil and narcissistic and her parents are just dumb for choosing her sister’s side. I would think as a parent you don’t show favoritism or choose sides when dealing with your children. (But what do I know, I have no kids). But I am so proud of Poppy. She was strong and independent in getting out from under her parents’ watch and creating a life she wanted. Inspirational is what I would call it. 

Anyways, after literally knowing each other for only 23 days, they get married in Vegas. It was a very small ceremony where it was just her two friends –  and some random other couple I think. They didn’t tell any of his family so at Stephanie’s wedding they kept it a secret. So, their relationship grows and they adjust to the distance. I think about 50% is where it starts getting good when her sister and parents show up in Vegas and Poppy is in the hospital because of her sister. Basically, her father is sorry and regrets everything, he blames everything on his wife, but really it was both him, his wife and daughter that have affected Poppy. But I liked how Isaac is regretful and apologizes and wishes he could take her back – and to that I say sucks to suck. 

Moving on, she goes through her recovery journey while Evin and his family takes care of her. Poppy’s sister is on a rampage and tries to destroy Poppy but it doesn’t work. In the end, Poppy makes a full recovery and opens her dance studio. 

I will say if you haven’t read the previous books then the story will be better for you. If you have read the previous books then the first couple chapters are kinda boring and a refresh of what happened to each couple. I love books that have great secondary, supporting characters who are friends and family. I love that dynamic and it makes a great series as I want to know what is happening in everyone else’s lives. Ahren Sanders does a really good job of storytelling. She captivates her audience. Like this book just came out and I finished it within a day because I couldn’t put it down! 

Overall I highly recommend this book and read other books by this author – you won’t be disappointed. 

  • Instant Love
  • Drama Level 5/5
  • Cover 4/5
  • Steam 4/5
  • Rating 4/5

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