Dear Love, I Hate You by Eliah Greenwood – Review and Spoilers

Dear Love, I Hate You is the first book in the Easton Boys series by Eliah Greenwood.

This was a cute and simple story which I enjoyed. Enjoy a quick easy read about pen pals sharing their darkest secrets with each other. It is a high school bully romance novel. I thought this book was very relevant to my life because I remember those days where sticky notes or small notes were left in books at the library, however, most of the notes left were not as romantic. 

Hero: Xavier Emery, a popular basketball god with his mom being the school principal and dad being the gym teacher. 

Heroine: Aveena, a ghost basically who lives in the shadow of her younger famous sister. Her famous sister won a singing competition when she was younger and now she is basically America’s sweetheart. This, however, leaves Aveena in the shadows and as her sister’s personal assistant. Aveena’s dad committed suicide and that basically turned her world up-side-down. Her mom pretends he didn’t exist and the whole family dynamic is strained. 

The hero and heroine used to be childhood friends… well not really, he used to bully her and push her on the playground so not really friends but their parents used to hangout so evidently they would see each other. This reminds me of elementary school when boys would be mean to girls because they liked them haha. He liked her and that is how he expressed it. Their first kiss story is really cute as well, so if you wanna know.. read the book.

However, they lose touch after some events happen and don’t see each other again till high school. Now he does not remember her at all, basically, because 1. They used to call her a different name and 2. He literally is so full of himself that he doesn’t remember or recognize her. However, she recognizes him. Aveena’s friend is dating Xavier’s friend so they were bound to run into each other. They reconnect at a party and he doesn’t remember her, he also at the time has a real mean girlfriend named Brie (shocker). 

Anyways, Xavier plays a prank at school and gets detention – he is acting out because of his parents (I’ll get further into that). It is here he discovers a book and a personal letter Aveena wrote about her struggles and forgot it in a book she returned to their high school library. Xavier finds it and reads the anonymous letter and responds back; basically, telling her that her problems are miniscule and her grammar sucks. 

Aveena the next day at school goes to the library, pulls out the book and notices Xavier has responded. Now they don’t know each other and have cute pen pal names (I think Zac and Love). 

As time passes, they leave each other hints for each other and Aveena figures out who “Zac” is. She realizes all the scandalous things he told her is about Xavier’s mom. Spoiler: His mom sleeps with, let me list them: His friend who was a minor back than and he still sleeps with her, their neighbour, the plumber and I think that is it. So, Xavier knows his mom is cheating on his dad which is why he acted out and he thinks his dad has no clue. But he does.

Back to the main story. Aveena and Xavier start texting and decide it is time to meet up. They decide to meet at a party in a room, so while Aveena is so nervous to expose herself she begrudgingly goes and meets him. However, SPOILER, she enters the room and sees him kissing another girl! She runs out of the room and slams the door. Now Xavier thinks he has the right girl but then he realizes that it isn’t her and he attempts to go after Aveena but no luck. He tries to call her but she already blocks him so… During the party Aveena wanders into the garage and sees Xavier alone. Now they both have shared intimate moments but did not act on those feelings. But during the garage all is revealed. He notices a tattoo on her similar to the ones his Love described and realizes it’s her. Yeah, so now they are together and they get together and their relationship blossoms. However, someone publishes all their notes to each other in the book to the public. No one has a clue who Love or Zac are, however, everyone has the suspicion that Love is Aveena. After Aveena and Xavier sleep together, the next day, Brie (evil ex-girlfriend) makes Xavier break up with Aveena otherwise she will reveal the identities of the pen pals which Xavier can’t afford because he is trying to protect his dad and mom from a scandal and he doesn’t want his mom to go to jail and his dad to suffer. Again, he doesn’t know his dad already knows that his mom is a cheater – and I want to say sex addict but I’m not professional certified to make such diagnoses. So, Xavier breaks up with Aveena and Aveena, heartbroken, decides to move with her sister and mom to Los Angeles and continue being her sister’s assistant.  

Yeah, that scene pulled the heartstrings. Anyways, Xavier realizes he loves her and makes the ultimate sacrifice and exposes himself. This causes an uproar and both parents are mad at Xavier – Xavier is confused and his dad sets him straight telling him that he too has been cheating on his wife and they basically have an open relationship. But too late, Xavier’s mom goes to jail for sleeping with a minor. But hey, Xavier goes away to college with Aveena and they get an apartment together so all is well. 

I personally enjoyed this book. I felt so bad for Xavier and his struggles of having such bad parents and bottling all his resentment inside. But I also feel he grew as a character because he was able to confront these issues and realize his love for Aveena. As for Aveena, I think she outgrew her sister’s shadow and was able to clear things up within her family and fix her relationship with her mom and sister. 


  • Cover is 4/5
  • YA Romance Novel
  • Steam is 2/5
  • Rating 4/5

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