Fake Love by Jillian Dodd – Review and Spoilers


  • Title: Fake Love
  • Series: Crawford Brother (Book 3) 
  • Author: Jillian Dodd 
  • Dual POV 
  • Friends-with-benefits
  • Fake proposal 
  • From a small town makes it in the big city
  • Contemporary Romance 
  • Cute niece named Sophie
  • Famous model, successful sports agent 
  • prologue but no epilogue

Hero & Heroine

Carter Crawford: A successful sports agent, who has top list clientele, as seen in the previous books of The Crawford Brother series. He is in love with his friends-with-benefit partner Vale Martin. Overall, he is a good guy.

Vale Martin: Successful model who comes from a very small town. Her relationship with her family is strained as her father doesn’t believe that modelling is a successful career and wants her to return home. She proves him wrong by moving to New York at only 18 and becoming a success. And she has not returned home since. She sees the relationship her parents have and realizes she does not want that at all. In her mind her parents’ relationship is her mom being the obedient housewife with dinner ready for her husband every day when he comes home from work, which she does not want at all. She meets Carter at a Superbowl gaming party and they both have a friends-with-benefits relationship. As Vale travel a lot of work, she cannot commit to a relationship show this routine is perfect for her. 

Backstory (Prologue) 

After witnessing his brother marry the love of his life, Carter realizes he wants that and knows that Vale is the one. He plans on proposing to her at midnight on New Year’s Eve as a surprise. When he goes to her party to surprise her, he sees her kiss another man. Now a week later he ends things with her, and she doesn’t really understand why but accepts it. 

Love Story 

A year later Value is in desperate need of a fake fiancé as she dates her sister’s wedding back in her hometown to 1. Get her parents off her back and 2. To prevent her high school sweetheart, Trent, from making moves on her. Out of options, Vale calls Carter and begs him to be her fake fiancé. She even has a fake engagement where she got herself from Cartier. Carter, however, decides to give her the ring he was planning on giving her as he said it would be more realistic. (swoon) Carter agrees with the deal, in return he will be Vale’s soon-to-be-brother-in-law, AJ’s agent since the dude is going into the draft for football. 

They travel to her small town in Iowa and Carter realizes that her family owns many things in the small town from banks to car dealerships. Carter meets the family, and they are surprised to see him but welcome him. Trent, Vale’s ex-boyfriend, tries to get her back during this trip but nothing works. Carter appears to be the perfect man to bring home to your parents. He is smart, attentive, and good at all the wedding games they have set up. Vale’s and his relationship rekindle and they both realize they love each other. They get back together only physically. During this time Vale and her father have been basically avoiding the big elephant in the room. Her father always tries to get her to come back to their town, but he does that for all his children, not just her. Carter forces them to rehash everything and get everything out in the open. Vale and her father can rekindle their relationship. Vale did a lot of soul searching from this trip as she had these visions in her mind of what her parents’ relationship was and her father’s preventing her from pursuing her dream. 

She also realizes that Carter was planning on proposing to her on New Year’s. She confronts Carter about this for which he doesn’t deny it. She explains the reason she saw him kissing another man was because she was hurt that he didn’t show up. (EYE ROLL) Anyway they clear all that up, but Vale doesn’t know what she really wants. 

She realizes that what she envisioned for everything was wrong and tries to make amends. She tells her mom about the fake engagement which later everyone else finds out as well. She also reveals her thoughts about her parents’ relationship and that is quickly cleared up as both are partners and no one is more superior than the other. Back in LA, Vale gives back the engagement ring and tells him she needs time to think. 

She realizes that she loves him and goes after him but only to be stopped by her family to take her to a secret destination.

Already decided, Carter is going to plan the dream proposal she described when her family asked them how they got engaged. At the golf resort, on the bridge at sunset, a trail of roses and a string quartet.    


They end up getting engaged and that is it! No epilogue. No evil mean person.

My Opinion

I thought Fake Love by Jillian Dodd was okay but didn’t really see anything eye-catching or different from other fake romance books I have read. I did not read the previous books, but I assume they are in the same style and setup as this one. Also, there was no epilogue which made me a little upset, but I got over it. I love epilogues. This story seems very mundane like it would be someone’s reality and not some made up story. Not every book needs an evil character who causes all the drama, the heroine did that enough as it is. Overall, nothing to hate but nothing to love. I give Fake Love, a ⅗ stars.

  • Cover 4 / 5 
  • Drama 3 / 5
  • Steamy moments 2 / 5 
  • Writing Style 3 / 5 
  • My Rating 3 / 5 
  • Would I read again? No

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