Savage Queen by Alley Ciz – Review and Spoilers

Savage Queen, Alley Ciz’s new series, The Royalty Crew, is a spinoff of the #UofJ series. Step aside Serena Van Der Woodsen, as Savvy King is the new Queen of Blackwell Academy. She protects her crew and will stand up to a bully no matter how handsome or charming he is. 


  • cliff-hanger: second book comes out in June 2021 
  • Enemies to lovers 
  • Strong female heroine 
  • Good group of secondary characters 
  • High school romance 
  • Gossip Girl vibes 
  • Fairy-tale vibes 
  • Humour
  • Bad boys!
  • Dual POV

Hero & Heroine 

Jasper Noble: The king of Blackwell Academy (BA). Whatever he says, go. He rules the school with an iron fist. Literally he and his friends are the ones who walk in a row down the hall, and everyone must get out of their way. (Uh look how petty high school is) Anyways, he plays hockey and drives a fancy Ferrari. His dad is the governor’s campaign strategist. He only lets a small group of people see the real him. 

Savvy (Savage or Samantha) King: She is the queen of BP. She stands up to bullies and is not afraid to fight. She literally is one of the boys. As being part of one of the founding families she has influence, but her brother Carter is the real king in ruling their kingdom. Savvy also has a severe case of asthma and throughout the book you can see it gets worse.

Backstory (Prologue) 

Savvy’s dad died when she was younger. Her mom, Natalie, literally left her and her brother to go find another rich husband to leech off. Carter, her brother, was the one who raised Savvy and continues to do so. However, their mom came back into the picture with a new rich husband. Her mom being back in her life demands Savvy to live with them and go to the rich private school for her senior year. Savvy agrees, she even changes her name to Samantha St. James to hide her identity and her relation to the Royals. Now we don’t know why she follows her mother’s demands as Savvy does not take orders from her. I think in the second book we will know why. (My prediction is Natalie has something incriminating of her brother and she is doing this to protect Carter). 

Love Story 

First day of a new school Savvy makes a first impression on everyone at BA. She sticks to her true self by wearing her chucks with her school uniform and has silver hair. Like Serena Van Der Woodson (from gossip girl) Savvy wears her uniform untucked and tie loose fitting. Jasper, who instantly sees Savvy in the cafeteria, is struck by her appearance. He doesn’t know who this chick is, but she makes him feel something. 

Savvy notices that her friend Tinsley is also a student at BA. While at the cafeteria one of Jasper’s friends Banks bugs Tinsley (which is seen throughout the book). Savvy does not like bullies and stands up to him. The whole cafeteria quiets as they witness someone defying one of the rules of the school. Savvy does not care who he is. 

Now this continues and Jasper must make an impression to show her he is not to be messed with and BA is his kingdom. However, his tactics do not work and Savvy dishes right back. 

Joseph literally has no idea who Savvy truly is and think she is a ‘race rat’ since she hangs out with all the Royals and attends the street races her brother owns. At one of the races, Joseph and his friends crash it and want to be put in the race. Savvy looking all cool, puts on her leather gloves with a sliver of mental in them and approaches Joseph. This scene is so badass as Alley Ciz describes the environment and everyone is in it. The Royals are sitting on their thrones and this is their kingdom. Savvy has a personal connection to all the boys as she was basically raised by them. Savvy continues to let Joseph think what he wants. He truly has no idea who his messing with. 

Anyways so he pulls some pranks on her like leaving mice in her locker and leaving dead rights on her locker as well. Savvy retaliates by feeding the boys ratatouille. That was probably one of my favorite events in the book because it was clever, and Jasper and the boys were shocked. 

Joseph cannot stop thinking about her and everyone knows it. He starts to like her and instead of pulling pranks on her, he is trying to befriend her. Savvy does not want to be friends with a bully and denies him, but that only spurs him on more. 

Natalie’s mom obviously has a secret agenda we don’t know about because she is constantly on Savvy’s case. Although she may appear to be the attentive mom, she is really a self-absorbed woman. You would think she would want Joseph a rich good-looking kid to be with her daughter but nope that is not good enough. She wants his best friend Duke, the son of the governor to be with Savvy. 


The ending scene is the dinner party with Joseph’s, Duke’s, and Savvy’s family together. Savvy and Joseph finally get together. It also shows Savvy’s asthma condition to worsen as the stress from her mother and this dinner is affecting her. This book does end in a cliff-hanger, which I am not surprised by since the UofJ series ended in cliff-hangers and this is a spinoff of that series. Natalie has revealed that Savvy and Duke are going to get married as both their parents have decided. Duke’s father is planning to run for president so it would be an ideal match for Savvy to be with him. Joseph is still confused on who Savvy is truly is. I cannot wait till he realizes who she really is. I feel like they have a history that both cannot remember but at the beginning of the book he said she looked familiar so maybe they used to be childhood friends. Maybe? We shall see in June when the second book comes out.

My Opinion 

I really liked this book. The writing is great, and I can literally visualize all that is happening in this book as if it were a movie. I loved the characters especially the heroine as she was strong and not afraid of Joseph and his childish pranks. I also think the Royals are one of the coolest groups that I hope Alley Ciz makes a series for. Like when Alley Ciz describes Wes Prince, in my head this guy is good looking with the tight black t shirt, ripped jeans and the sleeve tattoo. Ideal bad boy is that! I also love the humour of the secondary characters as it was so entertaining reading their banter with each other. I enjoy a tight knit group of secondary characters that are like family to each other. I can’t wait for the next book for it to reveal even more about Natalie’s motives, Savvy and Joseph’s relationship and of course the funny comments made by Tessa.

  • Cover 2.5 / 5 
  • Drama 4 / 5
  • Steamy moments 3 / 5 
  • Writing Style 4 / 5 
  • My Rating 4 / 5 
  • Would I read again? YES

So are you gonna add this to your to-read shelf?

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