The Insiders by Tijan – Review and Spoilers


The Insiders by Tijan is about a smart female hacker with a photographic memory meets her biological father/ long time idol, who is the CEO of Phoenix Tech and a billionaire tech genius. She meets all her siblings and experiences a life she should’ve had with all the money and luxury her siblings experience. Their lives are so different and Bailey knows and has been told she doesn’t fit into their world by everyone she encounters, but she wants a family and has no choice but to stay. 

Hero & Heroine 

Hero: Kashton Colello or Kash, is an associate of Peter Francis. In truth he manages and protects the family. His parents died and Peter took him in and raised him. There are no pictures of him on the internet as he wanted to keep his profile a secret to the world. He is secretly related to the 6th richest person in the world, his grandfather who is not a good man. He has connections and has done business with third-world leaders and the mafia. He physically abused and punished his other daughter because Kash’s mom left the family. Kashton suspects he killed his parents because his mom ran off and married a middle-class man. However, what his grandfather didn’t suspect was his mom was a smart businesswomen and made smart investments. Kashton owned a large amount of Phoenix Tech and had the money his mother left him. He has a past that many know very little about. He doesn’t open up to anybody and is always on alert. He keeps separating himself from the upper-class when in reality he is part of that world. Women and people throw themselves at him to get in his good graces and to connect themselves to Peter Francis.

Heroine: Bailey Hayes is a very smart hacker. Like her biological father, Peter Francis, computers are her speciality. She has a photographic memory which is also a plus. Growing up she always had to play a mother type role because her mom Chrissy Hayes was a ditzy kind of character. Chrissy told Bailey that her father was a soldier and died in battle. Her lie was so deep that she even had a flag in honour of her father. Bailey has always idolized Peter Francis, CEO of Phoenix Tech. She read everything about him and his work/ life. She always wanted to work there and applied for grants and got all of them. She even handed in a personal essay about her life to them. Bailey is a character whose mind is always on the go and she is always analyzing everything. She is also a fighter and fights back in her own way.   

Backstory (Prologue) 

While sleeping a kidnapper enters Bailey’s room and grabs her. The kidnapper, Chase, tells her that in two minutes, men will break into her home and take her hostage. He said Arcane is waiting for him to bring her outside but in order to stay alive Bailey must do as he says, “Go Limp, Drag me out. Body is my weapon.” 

Bailey learns that she is the daughter of CEO Peter Francis of Phoenix Tech. He has a wife and three kids of his own. The oldest, Mathew, is from his first marriage. While Cyclone and Seraphina are much younger and from his current marriage to Quinn

Bailey’s mom and him had a brief affair while she was the nurse taking care of his ill mother before she passed. 

Love Story 

Kash and Bailey meet while she is being detained in Phoenix Tech. Bailey instantly thought he was mesmerizing and the air electrified being in the same room as him. He instantly gives Bailey two options: leave there with him and meet her father and siblings or disappear into a witness protection type of program with her mom. 

Bailey’s initial response was not what I was expecting but still was funny. I think even though Kash thought he had control of the room and her, she surprised him with her response. 

Kash informs Bailey that the kidnappers have been trying to kidnap Peter Francis and any of his children for a while. They are now going after the outliers. 

Outliers = outsider, outcasts, which is Bailey. 

Kash takes Bailey back to her father’s large estate, Chesapeake, with the best security money can buy. There is a cover story for Bailey on why she is on the estate and staying in Kash’s villa. He tells her that “there will be people curious about you, but you will be asked to remain in the villa as much as possible. You are to keep a low profile.” 

It has been made clear that Bailey is not part of the Francis family. All Bailey ever wanted was to be part of a family and meet her siblings and have a relationship with her father. However, that is not how it’s going to go when she meets her family for the first time. She is going to be known as a friend of Kash’s who recently got out of a bad relationship. Peter does not want her identity known to his family so Kash creates a background story for her to use when meeting her siblings. 

On the estate, Bailey meets Marie, an employee for the estate. She knows about Bailey’s parentage and lets her know that she is not welcomed in this house or family and that she is a problem. She says some pretty harsh words to Bailey about upsetting the household, there is a reason Peter Francis did not include her in the family and adding more problems for Mr. Colello. 

Now this obviously upsets Bailey and she leaves the main house and goes back to Kash’s villa. While in her room with her computer, she hacks into all the servers and into all of her siblings accounts and Marie’s. However, she gets caught by her father and Kash revokes all computer usage and tells Bailey she must fix what she broke. 

However, Bailey’s performance was rather impressive as some of the best computer geniuses thought the hacker was multiple people and not one person. (clap clap)

Anyways, her father comes back to the estate the next day and meets Bailey. He basically gets right to business and asks Bailey if she is ready to go and fix what she did yesterday. He shows her to the computer room where all the servers and stuff is and she goes to work while he watches from behind her. Hours later she was finished and he stayed with her the whole time. Peter is distanced and cold towards Bailey. 

Baileys knows she is not going to receive a heart-warming reunion with her father and that just disappoints her. 

Kash is the only one who talks to her via text messages while everyone else ignores her. Until Matt and her start hanging out and he starts to guess Bailey’s true identity. He solves the puzzle and knows that Bailey is his sister. Now Matt is a party playboy, who didn’t get the computer genes. He is destructive and lazy. Kash is always cleaning up after him. He takes Bailey out to a club and basically leaves her alone while he goes off and hooks up with a girl. Kash comes and takes her home, but before he could do that they stop at Matt’s place because he is high and drunk. 

Bailey first sees what the life of rich, privileged children looks like, as she sees everyone drinking and partying. She doesn’t understand how Matt could waste his life when others would love to have the opportunities he has but throws away as if they are nothing. I think Matt is a good person and has a good heart. It’s just that he is constantly misunderstood and doesn’t think he is worth anything since he isn’t a computer genius like his dad and Bailey. 

Around this time is when Kash and Bailey first kiss and are in that weird phase where they don’t know if they are together or not.

You would think that Matt would learn from his mistakes but nope, he takes Bailey out again to a polo tournament as a cover to leave and go hook up with a married woman, Mrs. Bonhams (remember the name)!

Kash is instantly to the rescue in making sure Bailey is safe. He goes to the party and takes her away while also exposing Matt’s true intentions in leaving her there while he got his rocks off. 

Kash beats Matt and Bailey yells at him for leaving her. Kash takes Bailey back to his town house where they can be together without security listening in. 


Kash life hasn’t been easy. He has been preparing to go head-to-head against his grandfather ever since his parents died. 

The ending of the book was Peter Francis telling the world that he had a daughter. His change of tune was quite strange. I don’t know what I think of him yet. Wait… just kidding I know what I think of him, I don’t like him. Never liked cheaters. But to his speech to his guests about finding out about his daughter was ALL a LIE and Bailey detests liars. 

Peter Francis is not the best father. I think greed and being rich really messed with him and he made some bad decisions. One of them is being married to Quinn. They had an open relationship and were cheating on each other. I hate cheaters!!! 

So at her own party, Bailey is once again almost kidnapped by the same people. But Kash saves her. The media knows about Kash’s family and now Bailey’s. They are both brought into the public eye together and must face his grandfather together. 

Ending is his grandfather appearing at his front door! 

My Opinion 

I love Tijan’s books because she creates another world that I am instantly sucked into and can’t stop reading. Her heroines are all strong and smart and not fragile. Bailey is smart and a skillful hacker which I found interesting and different compared to other heroines I have read. 

There are so many questions that need to be answered and the drama is high in this book. While Bailey is trying to learn about her new family there are barriers, preventing her from truly feeling a part of the family. 

Tijan takes the upper-class to a whole new level with wives cheating on husbands and husbands cheating on wives, how rich people party and don’t have to worry like normal people. 

Kash and Bailey’s relationship was amusing at first watching them text each other. Kash is Bailey’s protector and will always be. 

I think Bailey tries to see the best in Matt, but right now he is not my favorite character in this book. Would also want to know what is the history with Kash and Victoria? What is up with that? 

I am excited for the next book and see how much trouble Kash’s grandfather is going to cause. Also what happened to Quinn? I also don’t know what is going on through Peter Francis and Chrissy’s relationship like there are so many holes I need answered. During the time of his mother’s passing he was already cheating on his first wife with Chrissy and now Quinn. LIKE WHAT? 

My Ratings

  • Cover 4 / 5 
  • Drama 4 / 5
  • Steamy moments 2 / 5 
  • Writing Style 4 / 5 
  • My Rating 4 / 5 
  • Would I read again? YES

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