Becoming Mrs. Lockwood by K. I. Lynn – Review and Spoilers


  • Age Gap Romance 
  • Famous, rich, good looking hero falls for the poor, nobody heroine 
  • Heroine POV with a chapter or two of the hero’s POV
  • Great family like secondary characters 
  • What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas 
  • A happy epilogue with babies in the mix

Hero & Heroine 

Hero: Weston Lockwood. A once famous child actor and now owns his own producing company, Lockwood Entertainment. He is 31 years-old and never had a serious relationship; except for a 6 year “relationship” with actress Natalie (something, I forgot her last name), but that ended apparently before he met the heroine. He has a close group of loyal employees/ friends that he considers family. He does not have a relationship with his parents due to events caused by his father, but he was close to his mother. His brother Miles is the only family he talks too and is close with. His stylist Sophie and head assistant Julie are probably the most helpful and supportive people ever. 

Heroine: Wren, an 18-year-old high school student from Indianapolis goes to Las Vegas with her mom for a getaway before school starts. She is musically gifted in the piano and plans to go to USC for college next year. She has a gay best friend, Daniel who is the best (in my opinion). Her parents got married at 18 and a Wren when they were younger. However, her parents divorced, and her mom has been remarried for the past 5 years. 

Backstory (Prologue) – No prologue but I will explain the events leading up to the suddenly married part of the story and continue from there.

 Eighteen-year-old Wren is on vacation with her mother in Vegas. Left alone, Wren goes to a coffee shop, Starbucks, to read her book while her mother gambles. Weston approaches her and he thinks she is in college, but nope, she is still in high school. Weston is shocked and says he must go to a meeting, which Wren instantly calls him out on leaving because of her age. 

They meet again in the hotel lobby and realize they are staying at the same place. Wren wants to go see the sights and Weston offers to go with her. They spend time together and Weston asks her out to dinner. 

At dinner they drink champagne and get drunk, evidently getting married. 

Next morning, Wren freaks out and says they both will get an annulment. (Now, K.I Lynd makes it seem that Weston is sad about her suggestion and in my head, I think he planned to get her drunk and marry her all along. Love at first sight?) 

Anyways, Wren tells her mom, and her mom is all for the marriage and supports it. She tells Wren to pack her bags as she is going home to Los Angeles with Weston. 

Weston agrees and says he needs her to change her last name and all the other marriage duties required. 

Love Story 

In Los Angeles, Wren sees the lifestyle Weston leads as a famous producer. She doesn’t realize he is an actor and that he is famous until one of his movies comes on the TV. She realizes and it doesn’t faze her. 

Weston tells his assistant Julia about his marriage and his stylist Sophie. Julia helps Wren setup all her necessary documents like changing her name to Wren Lockwood and enroll in a prestigious private school for children of famous diplomats and actors. 

Weston’s brother, Miles, doesn’t take the news great and says some unpleasant words directly to Wren and Weston. 

Both Wren and Weston are still trying to get to know each other before she goes back to school. She tells Weston that she is a virgin and gives it to him. (I will say the steamy scenes are steamy and a definite read. K. I. Lynd makes a taboo subject seem normal and not weird. Do you know what I’m saying? Like some people make age-gap love scenes like super weird and make the age-gap be such a big deal during those scenes) 

So, Wren and Weston keep their marriage on the downlow as they don’t want the media to get wind of his nuptials since she married an 18-year-old. #scandal. On Wren’s first day at her new school, which requires her to wear a uniform, she meets her first friend Charlotte and her group. Charlotte is the daughter of a famous actor. All her sisters are in the acting business, but Charlotte doesn’t like the spotlight. The two instantly form a friendship. Rumours about Wren are basically that she is the little sister of the Lockwood brothers and it isn’t until her music composition class are somewhat of the truth. Her teacher is her brother-in-law Miles which comes to a shock to both. Miles is a well-known musician, scorer for big movies. 

Wren is trying to adjust to the sudden change of her life. Weston at the beginning is great and supportive, helping Wren adjust. Their relationship is growing rapidly and they both sleep together in the same bed at night. Their love scenes are very steamy, especially when she goes to his office, oh and when she is in her school uniform. 

Everything seems great but we start getting into the drama around halfway through the book (I think). Weston’s ex comes back into the picture, Natalie. She is working on a film that Weston is producing so they are working closely together. Before, Wren, Natalie would go to Weston’s house with her key card and be granted access. She shows up and Wren is not happy. Weston tells Natalie that he is married, and Natalie is not happy about that. She storms off, but that is not the last we see of her. 

Natalie is a major nuisance as she constantly shows up at the house, unexpected and tries to get Weston back by flirting with him. Weston has revoked access on her key card, but she somehow keeps getting into the house (which will be revealed at the end). 

Besides Natalie, Weston is stressed overwork. He is no longer attentive to Wren and is quite annoyed with her trying to get him to talk to her. She even shows up at his office and tell hers to go home. They get into it and she begins sleeping in another room. 

Charlotte asks Wren to go to a party and Wren agrees to go. Weston is still coming home late and leaving in the morning, so she doesn’t bother with him. On the night of the party, Wren is waiting for Charlotte and Weston comes home early to spend time with his wife. 

Wren, annoyed, says she is going out and leaves him. At the party she gets drunk, and Weston shows up to take her home. They fight and she lets out all her frustrations. Weston calls her a child and makes other rude remarks before Wren passes out and sleeps. 

The morning after the party Wren hears voices in the kitchen. After last night’s fight, Wren packs a small bag so she can sleep over at Charlottes and re-evaluates her life choices on this marriage. 

Upon entering the kitchen, Wren sees Natalie there trying to seduce Weston. She can’t see Weston’s face but knows he isn’t doing anything to stop Natalie. She sees them kiss… and drops her bag making a noise that she is there. Weston immediately reacts and reaches for Wren to explain but Wren is already on the move and leaves him. 

She drives to the beach to relax and think. Hours later Weston finds her and goes to explain. Wren tells him everything and says she is returning home to Indianapolis for Christmas so she can think clearly if this marriage is something both want. 

Now in Weston’s POV, he is lost without Wren. He explains why he was so busy and how she should have been waiting for him and being on his time. Miles goes to Weston’s and sees him sad and lonely. Miles literally is upfront with Weston saying that not everyone has to follow your time and such. Weston, understanding his mistake, takes the next flight out to Indianapolis to get Wren back. 

After grovelling they get back together and go home to L.A. They make plans to announce their marriage by attending the Oscars together in a couple of weeks. They also plan on exposing and stopping Natalie and Mallory. (Mallory is a low-level assistant for Weston and has been sharing movie secrets to the press and helping Natalie enter the house). 

Weston and Wren confront Natalie and Mallory at the office and things get a little physical. Anyways, so after that the Oscars! They appear together on the red carpet and all is revealed to the press about their marriage. At school Wren had to explain to her friends why she kept it a secret and not tell them. They forgive her and protect her against bullies at their school who are against Wren’s marriage. 


The book ends with a happy ending. The world knows about Wren and Weston’s marriage and they plan on having a wedding so their friends and family can be a part of their special day. 

The epilogue is their wedding day and Miles reveals to Weston that Wren won the composition competition. 

It also jumps to a year and a half later where Wren finds out she is pregnant!

Jump to one year later and they welcomed a baby girl. 

A perfect ending!

My Opinion 

I really enjoyed this book. I honestly saw the cover and read a bit of the blurb and thought seems like an easy read. I really was not expecting me to be so invested in this book. I finished it within a day and if that says something then it is clear this book is pretty good. I loved how Wren was not a docile girl and she was mature, and her age did not define her. 

Weston was a great husband except for that period where he ignored her. I could relate to the part where he said that his time is more valuable than hers because she just goes to school. I’ve had incidences where people would say that to me and just because I go to school doesn’t make it any less important compared to others who have a job. 

For me, it kind of seemed that he was in the right mind when he asked to marry her. 1. It was his suggestion 2. He couldn’t have gotten that drunk 3. He bought her a very nice ring 4. He was sad when she suggested an annulment 5. If we are talking about responsibility based on age, then he should’ve been the one to stop from drinking so much 6. He was the one who ordered champagne when he knew she was underage so… I rest my case.

The secondary characters were great, especially Princess Arianna. I thought her and Weston’s relationship was so adorable. 

Becoming Mrs. Lockwood, I highly recommend to anyone interested in an age-gap romance novel 

  • Cover 3 / 5 
  • Drama 5 / 5
  • Steamy moments 5 / 5 
  • Writing Style 4 / 5 
  • My Rating 4 / 5 
  • Would I read again? YES

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