The Best Mafia Book Recommendations

Here are some of the best mafia romance novels I have read. Do you love reading about the mafia, mobs, gang related content about the Costa Nostra, The Bratva, The Outfit and so on. Organized crime is the theme of these mafia related books.

Some of these books are darker than others but there are alpha males which is a 100% guarantee. Obviously these aren’t the best of the best but here are just a few to get you started in the mafia world.

Code of Silence by Shantel Tessier 

Code of Silence is a standalone mafia romance book by Shantel Tessier. 

It starts off with a prologue of Luca Bianchi, the next Don or Boss of the Italian mafia, Cosa Nostra. He witnessed his father kill his uncle in cold blood for betraying him. His father tells him he can’t trust nobody – not even blood. Years later Luca is in the woods and is deep in the mafia doing a job for his father. He kills a man who has betrayed him and that is that. It shows Luca is a ruthless killer, which one must be to be in the mafia.

Haven is the heroine of this mafia story. In the prologue she and Luca are in college together in Las Vegas. Haven is not part of the Italian mafia but she low-key knows about Luca’s family being the mafia and murdering people and is okay with that because she is so in love with him – she would literally do anything for him. (So much for girl power). She has two best friends: Jasmine and Emiliee who are her ‘ride or die b*****’ They are all also all rich. Her father owns a bank while her mother just lounges around. Haven, as a baby, was left in front of the fire station and was adopted by her parents. 

Her and Luca’s relationship is hot and steamy. They both are in love with each other. However, an event occurs where Luca abandons Haven and leaves her in Vegas after promising her to run away together. Haven is heartbroken and must fix her life. 

Four years later, Haven is still living at home and has no idea what to do with her life. One day, she comes home from a run and sees a very familiar car sitting in her driveway. She immediately runs to her father’s office to find out what is going on and sees not only her father, but Luca’s father as well and his brother. Luca’s brother breaks the news to her that she has been “sold” to Luca in an agreement to be married. (Side Note: Haven hates Luca with a passion and does not want to marry him.) Haven runs to her and Luca’s spot by the pool only to find him waiting for her. 

Now Luca has grown into a man. He is ruthless, vicious, aggressive, and possessive and fills a leather jacket quite nicely. Haven literally has no idea what is going on and does not want to marry Luca, she thinks he is being forced to marry her and tries to reason with him to change his mind. (Which doesn’t work, and she doesn’t know that he had this whole plan just to be with her) 

Haven’s life is immediately changed, and she moves out of her parent’s house and into Luca’s mansion. She refuses to have anything to do with Luca and wants no part of this marriage. Luca basically is rude to her and he doesn’t understand why she isn’t pleased with the arrangement. (Like if I was Haven, I would not give into Luca and would stand my ground.) 

He literally faked having sex with another girl at their engagement party so he could show her that she still loved him. And during that same night, he tells her that he has been with other women since they separated but that’s not true. (In truth Luca has been waiting for Haven and plotting a way for them to be together.) Like I guess the end justify the means because they hop back into bed together after that event. But eventually she understands the reason he left her and that he had no choice. It was either Haven or his (secret) sister. He chose to protect his sister which is understandable but why do you got to be rude to Haven and not tell her and leave her high and dry?  

Haven is thrown into the mafia world of killing and lies. Many truths are revealed to Haven that make the story much more enjoyable with all the drama. I must say Shantel Tessier makes the steamy scenes for steamy so you were warned!

But I think this was a great introduction to the mafia world. It’s also a good introduction to reading the Dark Kings series about: Titan, Grave, Cross and Bones, which is Shantel’s spin-off series from Code of Silence. 

Overall, I highly recommend Code of Silence for you to dip your foot, head, body (whatever you prefer) into the mafia pool.

Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly

The Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles by Cora Reilly is one of the best mafia series to read of ALL TIME. 

The first book, Bound by Honor, is the story about Aria and Luca. Cora Reilly introduces her new mafia world through this first book. 

I became obsessed with the mafia after reading this book. Cora Reilly really did make an amazing series. The characters were so good, and Luca was an alpha male, strong leader who took no bullshit. It was so exciting. 

Luca Vitiello is the future Capo of the New York Famiglia. He has quite the reputation of being called ‘The Vice’ for his strength in crushing a man’s throat with his bare hands. He became a made man at only the age of 11 (meaning he killed his first man at that age) Since, he has been a ruthless leader and leading the mafia with an iron fist. He has no weaknesses, and many people fear and respect him. Before Aria or the engagement, he liked to party a lot. He is also a womanizer and has slept with many women… (eye roll) 

Aria Scuderi, a mafia princess of Chicago’s syndicate, she is well- known for her beauty and is promised to Luca when she turns 18 (I think he is 5 years older than her I can’t remember but he is older than her, as he was a made men at a 11?). She is terrified of a man she never met before. She likes to read romance books and goes to an all-girls school. She is the definition of innocent. She has 2 younger sister and one younger brother. Her father is a real douchebag and gives away his 15-year-old daughter to a heartless killer. The marriage is meant to bring peace between the two mob families. 

So, Aria and Luca get married in his Hamptons mansion with both families in attendance. Aria, a stunning beauty in her wedding gown, is nervous about her wedding night with Luca, as the Italians have a tradition called the ‘bloody sheets.’ After the wedding ceremony, Aria and Luca were greeting guests and one of Luca’s conquests (Grace) greets Aria and says some unpleasant things to her, making Aria even more terrified of Luca. 

After the wedding Luca and Aria go to their room where Aria strips out of her gown and is terrified and later refuses to sleep with Luca. Now, Luca deep down he is a good man who would protect those he loves. He doesn’t want to be like his abusive father, where he abused his sons and his wife; only for his wife to commit suicide and for Luca to find her in the bathtub. So, he cuts himself and drips blood on the sheets, so it appears that they did it… to protect Aria. He basically risks his reputation for not taking her by force. Aria and Luca sleep in the same bed together and when it’s morning they are spooning each other (how cute). The women arrive to take the sheets away for the people to see proof that Luca has claimed his virginal wife. 

After Aria, Luca, and Matteo (Luca’s younger brother), head to New York. Aria moves in and Luca and she spend a cute date night to get to know each other. Aria is still terrified of Luca, refuses to sleep with him which frustrates him because he wants her so much. (Typical MALE). Luca tries to get close to her, but Aria won’t budge. So, Luca being dumb seeks Grace’s company, however, Aria catches them and runs away. Just for the night. 

Aria and Luca then confront their problems with each other, and Aria explains her fears and wants to wait and get to know her husband. Luca understands and tries to go slow with her as Aria is very inexperienced with relationships. (Well, both are but Luca is very familiar with the physical aspect of relationships… again eyeroll) 

So, Aria and Luca start fresh and try to get to know each other and slowly they start to fall in love. 

My favorite scene is when Aria and her sister Gianna go clubbing in New York without Luca’s consent. Luca see’s Aria at his club and they dance together, however, while Luca was on a work call, Aria was drugged by a drug dealer paid off by Grace. Luca handled it by cutting off the dude’s *duck and he took her home and took care of her. Aria realizes Luca cares for her and offers herself up to him after her sister leaves. Luca takes her up on that. 

Now Cora writes their first encounter differently than how I have read other books where the female loses her virginity. Aria’s first-time isn’t pleasant or instantly enjoyable, Aria had to build up to feeling anything really which was refreshing to read. Luca being the sweetest as he was patient with her. 

So, now Luca and Aria are even more connected and in love with each other. Luca, however, struggles with his darker side and keeps it away from Aria. Until his father is murdered, and Luca is now the new Capo of New York. He has no one to trust besides his brother Matteo. His priority is to protect Aria at all costs no matter what. In doing so, he sends her and her siblings to the Hampton house, so they are away from any danger, but the Russians infiltrate the house searching for Aria. 

Aria is in the hands of the Russians but Luca swoops in and saves her. Aria suddenly sees Luca endangered; she grabs a gun and kills the Russian soldier saving Luca. 

Now I love this couple, I think they are my favorite out of this whole series. If you love them as much as I love them then get excited because Cora writes another book, Bound by Love, which is the sixth book in the series about them in this series as a continuation. I recommend reading the books in order so you know what is going on and understand, but the books can be read as a standalone. 

Throne of Power (Throne Duet) by Rina Kent

Throne of Power (Book 1)

Throne of Vengeance (Book 2)

Throne of Power is the first book of the Throne Duet by Rina Kent. In the Russian Bratva, women hold little power. However, Rai Sokolov does not let that stop her from having a seat at the table full of men.

Kyle Hunter is a mysterious character with very little background on him in the beginning. He is brought into the mafia as a very skilled hitman. He was Rai’s bodyguard back then, but he suddenly vanished. Now he is back and is claiming to be the long-lost son of the 4 Kings of the Vory.

Rai (Raina Sokolov) is the Grand-daughter of the former Bratva’s Pakhan, and now the Grand-niece of the current one. She has a twin who has her own duet called Lies & Truths Duet (if you want to know why Rai and she are separated read the duet). Rai and her sister live very different lives. Rai is in the Russian mafia while her twin sister is not. Rai strives for power; she wants more power in the mafia, but women do not hold such high placement in the mafia. (we all know that). 

Rai is in a meeting with the Vory and enters Kyle. She used to have a crush (I think) on him, but he suddenly disappeared. He taught her all the deadly skills that men would not teach women like shooting a gun and fighting (I think). Rai is put in a situation where she is not getting any younger and needs to find a husband otherwise the Vory will force her cousin to marry. Rai sacrifices herself and chooses Kyle to be her husband. Now this is an arranged marriage that Rai does not want, especially with the man who left her. Kyle carries many secrets about himself that will be discovered in book 2. He has his own hidden agenda. But falling in love was not part of the plan. Now, Rai is not a dumb whiny heroine, she is strong and smart but also cunning. She runs the V corporation for the Vory and is loyal to the mafia. 

So, Rai starts falling for her skilled hitman. He doesn’t hold her back or belittles her. The ending ends on a cliff-hanger like all of Rina Kent’s books. The cliff-hanger is Rai overhearing a conversation Hunter is having in their bedroom and she goes to leave but suddenly is knocked out. We don’t really get to see Kyle’s past in the first book, but the second book is when all is revealed and how he became such a good hitman, who his father truly is (oops spoiler)!

Rina Kent has created a world for all her books to be connected in some way shape or form. Her books are usually in a duet or a series that usually end off in a cliff-hanger, so you basically must read the next book to know what is going on. 

Condemned to Love by Siobhan Davis

Condemned to Love by Siobhan Davis is a darker mafia romance novel. This book is darker than the books mentioned above. It is probably in my opinion the darkest out of these mafia books recommended. There is abuse in this book so if you are sensitive this book is not for you. 

Siobhan Davis’ books are taboo and dark so be aware, but her writing style is one I love, and I can’t put down her books, I must read till the very end! 

So, Sienna Lawson is the youngest daughter to the CEO of Lawson Pharmaceuticals. Sierra was treated poorly by her father since her birth was an accident and her sister Saskia was the favored daughter, who also treated Sierra badly. Sierra Lawson first met Bennett Carver when she was a teenager and he introduced himself as his sister’s boyfriend. Sierra instantly had a crush on him and didn’t understand how he could date her sister who was mean and cruel. 

Bennett Carver, but later Mazzone – at the time was struggling, poor, and a college drop-out. His mom was an addict and didn’t have money. He dated Saskia at a low point of his life after being kicked out of college and his mom dying (I think). He was the illegitimate son of a mafia boss in New York. However, after his father’s legitimate son died, his father came for him as the next in line to his empire. 

Years later, Sierra is in Vegas for her birthday. A man approaches her at the club and her and her friend take him up on his offer to join him in a private club. Little did Sierra know this man was a bad man and he wanted Sierra. While held captive in the private club, Ben sees Sierra for the first-time; he cannot believe that she is all grown up and the chances of them meeting again. Bennett’s life did a full 180. He is part of the mafia now. 

Why he is at the private club is because he was on business to strengthen ties with their Vegas associates, however, Sierra is there as well, and he will do anything to protect her. 

After saving her from potentially getting raped, they go back to her hotel room and share the night together. (wink wink nudge nudge).  The next morning, he is rude to her and leaves her. However, it is later revealed that she is pregnant! Sierra goes to New York to tell Ben but realizes what a dangerous life he leads after witnessing him cut off a man’s fingers, so she decides not to tell him about the baby. 

Anyways, so Sierra is now home at her family’s house. Her sister Saskia again is so annoying, and I feel bad for Sierra and her other sister Serena that they must deal with her and their father. She tells her family that she is pregnant and that she is keeping the baby and, shocker, her dad is not happy about it. All her sisters had arranged marriages and Sierra was the last one to be traded off, but now that is not happening anymore. So, after her father kicks her out of the family, Sierra starts living her life. 

Six years later. 

Ben returns to Illinois for a funeral for someone in his past life. While driving Ben spots Saskia picking up Rowan (Sierra’s son) at school. Note: After giving birth Sierra’s father welcomes her back into the family. He goes and talks to Saskia, and literally Saskia tells him everything he needs to know about Sierra and her son. 

Later that day, Ben confronts Sierra at home when Rowan is asleep. He tells Sierra he will protect both her and Rowen but in New York. Sierra wants nothing to do with the dangerous lifestyle Ben leads. However, Ben is a smart businessman who has spent his life trying to go legit, so I guess that’s a plus for them to be together. 

Anyways, after Sierra agrees for Ben to get to know his son, Ben does a background check on her family. He discovers that Sierra’s father has been laundering money for the Outfit (the Chicago Italian mafia group) and that he married two of his daughters to mafia men. Ben must figure out a way how he and Sierra can be together because he is expected to marry someone else. 

So as usual their lives are threatened, and Ben takes Sierra and Rowen away to his Greenwich home for protection. He also lets Sierra know that he will be marrying her. They also let Rowen know that Ben is his father and share a cute family moment together. 

But nothing good ever lasts forever. 

I liked this book even though it was on the darker side of the spectrum. Siobhan Davis sets this book up for her to write more mafia books. 

Vow of Deception (Deception Trilogy) by Rina Kent

Vow of Deception (Book 1)

Tempted by Deception (Book 2)

Consumed by Deception (Book 3)

Vow of Deception by Rina Kent is the first book of the Deception Trilogy. It is the sequel to the Throne Duet. Rina Kent has created a world for all her books to be in. You will see bits and pieces of previous books in the one you are reading. Everything is connected in a way. 

Vow of Deception is about Adrian Volkov a mysterious Russian mafia boss who holds many secrets and is valuable to the Vory. His wife, Lia, is presumably dead and he finds Winter Cavanaugh, Lia’s doppelganger. 

Winter Cavanaugh is a homeless drunk. She suffers through the loss of her baby and a dance career that she’ll never have.  One night when going to the shelter, the mayor candidate touched her inappropriately and she fought her way out of the situation. However, the next day he winds up dead and she is the primary suspect. 

Adrian saves her if she agrees to pretend to be his wife, Lia. Winter accepts and is transformed into his prestigious, classy wife. He takes her back to his home where she meets his son. Winter starts to learn more about his wife, Lia and how she was a bit of a nut case. I love the growth of Winter and Adrian’s son. They are so cute together. Adrian is an alpha male who follows no one except for the Pakhan. He knows everything about everyone and that is how he stays on top. He expects Winter to be a good submissive, however, Winter is not and fights back. Winter slowly discovers what happened to Lia and later is revealed that Winter was undercover and really is Lia. (MIND FREAKING BLOWN) Now this is a trilogy meaning that there are three books of the same couple that should be read in order as it deals with the building of events of the previous books. The third book of The Deception Trilogy doesn’t release till May 6 called Consumed by Deception. 

I love Rina Kent’s books. Even though she always ends in a cliff-hanger, it makes me so excited for the next one. She has a way of webbing such intricate events that all lead up to one mind-blowing reveal in the end! 

If you want me to review the rest of her series leave a comment down below!

Devil’s Lair (Molotov Obsession) by Anna Zaires

Devil’s Lair is the first book of the Molotov Obsession series by Anna Zaires. What are the odds that a girl on the run, in desperate need of money, stumbles upon a job posting in the newspaper looking for a live-in tutor and paying 3000 dollars per month? Highly unlikely. For Chloe it’s God answering her prayers. 

Chloe Emmons is on the run after witnessing the death of her mother and her murders are on the hunt for Chloe. In the beginning of the book, she is applying for a job as a waitress only suddenly a shootout happens, and she runs for her life as the people after her had found her. She has not a lot of gas left and not enough money. She stumbles upon an ad for a live-in tutor. Before Chloe was on the run, she was in school getting her degree in child development? I can’t remember but she has great experience teaching children and caring for them. She responds to the ad and is contacted the next day for the job. She travels to a secluded property in the mountains, and she meets the mysterious, and dangerous Nikolai Molotov. 

Nikolai Molotov is part of the Russian mafia. He came from Russia months ago after discovering he had a 4-year-old son, Slava. He needs a tutor for his son to teach him English as he refuses to talk to anyone in English. He meets Chloe at the door and is instantly attracted to her. His work as a “businessman” is dangerous and lets his brother control their organization in Russia. If he would have stayed in Russia, he would be the head of their organization. 

He hires Chloe on the spot, and she immediately moves into their expensive mansion. She meets his sister who has her own hidden problems. The truth is that Nikolai and his sister and a few of their trusted employees move to America to start fresh and get away from the life in Russia. 

Anyways, Chloe meets Nikolai’s son and immediately they form a bond for superheroes. Nikolai is stunned by the instant friendship as his son has yet to show any type of affection towards him. He asks his brother to dig up her background and she avoids telling him the truth. 

Chloe notices that these people are different. They dress formally for dinner which is different from what she has witnessed. There are armed guards around the property. Nikolai literally buys her a new wardrobe for her. Even though Chloe is attracted to Nikolai she can never act upon her desire as he is her employer. Which would be completely unprofessional. Nikolai, however, doesn’t care and he wants what he wants. He literally watches her like a peeping Tom with his cameras around the house and in his son’s room. Nikolai leaves for Russia to deal with business and they facetime at night together. Chloe tries to find information about Nikolai on the internet but no luck. Until Nikolai’s sister exposes him and Chloe runs. On the road the assassins after her find her and try to capture her, but Nikolai saves her and takes her back to the house. 

Turns out Chloe’s mom was murdered but she wasn’t the target, Chloe was. Apparently, Chloe is the illegitimate child of a presidential candidate. And he hired assassins to kill her. That is basically how the story ends and will continue in the second book of the duet. 

I enjoyed this book as it was different from what other mafia romance books have. I can’t wait for the second book Angel’s Cage to read the continuation of the story and what Chloe’s father will do. There are a lot of cute moments in this book with Chloe and Slava. When Slava called Nikolai ‘daddy’ for the first time it was so cute. I also can’t wait to read what happened to Slava’s mother as her family is the enemy against Nikolai. 

Ruthless People by J.J. McAvoy

Ruthless People by J. J. McAvoy is about two mafia groups, the Irish and Italians coming together by an arranged marriage. I will go more in-depth with this book and the series in a later post. But I will give you an overview about this book. 

So, it starts off with Liam Callahan, the heir to the Irish mafia. He is arranged to be married to the Italian boss’s daughter Melody Nicci Giovanni. He expects a housewife, someone for him to come home after a long hard day of work killing and torturing people. However, that is not what he gets when he meets Melody for the first time. He sees her torturing and killing a man. 

Melody is the boss of the Italian mafia. Her father has cancer and has not been able to work since, therefore, at a young age Melody took over and saved their empire from falling. She will not rollover for anyone, especially not her husband to be. Liam didn’t like that his soon-to-be-wife was not a delicate, innocent flower, so that is when two very strong leaders buttheads. However, after they get married, they start to form a partnership and fall in love with each other. Melody is part of a family she never had. 

They live their life running Chicago and working together in their mafia organization. To the outside world they appear to be American royalty. They give back to charities, join luncheons and make donations to help hospitals. When in reality they are scheming, killing people and selling their drugs. However, their partnership threatens other mafia groups and must fight their way to stay on-top. I really liked this series as the heroine was a strong independent woman who could fight and take care of herself. Highly recommend it. Great writing and characters that you will fall in love with! The WHOLE series is about them ruling together so you will get so invested in their lives. 

Sweet Temptation by Cora Reilly

An age-gap, mafia romance book by Cora Reilly. If you haven’t read Cora Reilly’s mafia series Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, that is okay because you will still understand what is going on in Cora’s mafia world.

Cassio Moretti is the underboss of Philadelphia, he was married for 8 years until his wife was murdered on the day of their anniversary, which everyone thinks he killed her. He has two young kids, Daniele, and Simona, to look after and needs a wife to take care of them. His 2-year-old Daniele doesn’t understand that his mom is dead, and he doesn’t speak or seek the closeness of his father at all. Cassio knows he needs a new wife for his children and agrees to the engagement to Guilia. 

Giulia is the daughter of the Underboss of Baltimore. She just turned 18. The age-gap between her and Cassio is 14 year. Giulia is not unaware of the mafia world; her father often confides in her about his business to vent. Guilia knew of Cassio and the rumours around him and his wife. She was fearful for her life because of his reputation and the rumours surrounding him. However, she has no say and must agree to the marriage as two important families will be joined through marriage. 

Giulia is a young vibrant person who dresses in what she wants. She is obsessed with sunflowers, constantly always wearing them on her. She does not look like a typical mafia wife. 

She tells Cassio that she is great with children but, she is not. She instantly gets thrown into being a new wife and mother to two small children. 

As Guilia tries to navigate her new role as a wife and mom in a new house, she learns and does the best she can. She keeps to her roots and does not change her appearance. She learns to be a mom to the new kids and her relationship with her husband grows as well. She learns the truth of what really happened to Cassio’s first wife and learns to accept him and his children.   

As a standalone, this book is a great introduction to the mafia world and the formalities of this lifestyle. Arranged marriages happen for tactful reasons and rarely love ever happens in these arranged marriages. Secrets must be kept surviving in a ruthless world. 

Vicious Minds by J.J. McAvoy

The fourth book of Children of Vice series and part 1 to the conclusion of this series by J. J. McAvoy. I recommend reading the whole series to understand what is going on in this installment! 

Ethan is the head of the Irish and the Italian mafia. He has enemies everywhere he goes and must always be 10 steps ahead of them. Most of his family doesn’t understand the way his brain works, and they do not look at the bigger picture unlike Ethan. It is a constant struggle for him to manage his family as they do not understand the big picture. Until he meets Calliope. 

Calliope understands Ethan clearly. They both are crazy. They understand the necessary sacrifices to lead the family. Calliope is an assassin. She was trained by her family and has gone through tremendous trauma in her upbringing. However, she is kind of crazy which is perfect for Ethan. Together they formed a plan which will later be understood because of the bigger picture. 

There is so much happening in this book. Ethan Callahan and Calliope’s long-term relationship/ plan has been in the works. This first installment explains the events leading up to the moment where Ivy was killed and so forth. 

Personally, I did not like Ivy in the first book of the Children of Vice series, so spoiler if you haven’t read the first book of the series. But we learn how Calliope and Ethan first met and their encounters since. Calliope has been training so she could be the best person to be on the side of Ethan. After meeting Ethan’s mother, Melody at a party when she was younger, Melody said some harsh but real words to Calliope that she took to heart. Calliope knew her goal/ purpose and has since been working towards it. To be the queen of the castle basically and Ethan by her side. 

I like the relationship between these two very bonny and Clyde. This is a mafia and spy themed story with mystery. Reading the books everything is slowly starting to make sense, but you need to continue reading. 

This is my favorite book out of the series because it’s all about mafia and assassins which I loved. J.J. McAvoy writes all her heroines as strong, independent leaders who don’t need a man. I think this book was different compared to other mafia related books I have read because the heroines are in the business and are not afraid to get their hands dirty. 

Now these are only a few of my favorite mafia books to read. Let me know what other books you would recommend or if you want me to review a book for you!

Love, E

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