Consumed by Deception (Deception Trilogy) by Rina Kent – Review and Spoilers

Deception Trilogy by Rina Kent:

Vow of Deception

Tempted by Deception

Consumed by Deception


  • 3rd and final book of the Deception Trilogy 
  • Russian mafia, the Bratva 
  • All the questions and mysteries are solved 
  • Mental Health
  • Family bonding
  • Sacrifice and betrayal 
  • 2 epilogues 

Hero & Heroine 

Lia Volkov: After 6 years of suffering through mental illness, Lia finally gets her memory back. She is not Winter but Lia, wife, and mother. No longer she is the fragile dancer who was mute but is stronger and fights back. She fights for her relationship with Adrien and realizes she loves him and doesn’t want to run away anymore. She wants to show Adrien that she is his and no one else’s. She tries to undue all the damage that led her to jump off the cliff and lose her memory. 

Adrien Volkov: Adrien has done everything in his power to protect his family even if it means going against his Pakhan. He has known the identity of his wife since the beginning of Vow of Deception, but he still went along and pretended he didn’t know. His upbringing has led him to not show emotions. His focus is to protect his wife and son from the dangers of being in the mafia and not end up like his parents. His character development really shows in this book as he learns to trust Lia and realize that he loves her. Also, to change his ways and realize that he can’t force Lia into a box just to protect her.  

Backstory (Prologue) 

Vow of Deception is the first book of the Deception Trilogy. Winter was a homeless alcoholic, who still suffered from the loss of her baby. She witnesses a murder and is the prime suspect. She is taken by Adrien Volkov because she looks exactly like his dead wife, Lia. Winter pretends to be Lia and pieces together Lia’s life. Not only does she step into a life she doesn’t know anything about, but she must also be a mother to Adrien’s son, Jeremy. 

The ending Winter is stopped in the alley by a man named Luca and she gains her memories back. 

Now the second book is about the start of Lia and Adrien’s relationship. Tempted by Deception is Lia’s story. She is a gifted dancer in New York and is set to play the lead in the Nutcracker. She meets Adrien Volkov (not by accident, I might add). He takes her to dinner, and they form their relationship. 

Lia has sleeping problems and takes antidepressants because of her childhood traumas. 

Adrien is very controlling in this relationship. He shows up at her apartment and leaves early in the morning. Lia knows very little about Adrien except for that fact that he is in the mafia. It isn’t until she attends a party and sees Adrien with his fiancée that Lia realizes the lifestyle he lives and how she cannot be a part of it. She confronts Adrien and Adrien pretends he doesn’t know her and throws her out of the party.

As a result, Adrien and Lia fight and she is upset that she is made out to be the other women. Couple days later during rehearsal Lia is thrown into the air but her partner Ryan doesn’t catch her leaving Lia with an ending career injury. 

Lia depression worsens and almost commits suicide, but Adrien stops her.

While recovering, Lia discovers that she is pregnant with his baby. Adrien is happy about the news and immediately takes her to a doctor to confirm the pregnancy. 

The doctor confirms that she is indeed pregnant and right after Adrien takes Lia to get married on that same night. 

Lia’s mental state keeps worsening. The only reason she still is semi-sane is because of her son Jeremy. She tries to escape with Jeremy because she hates the mafia life, but Adrien catches her and takes her back to their home. Revoked of her privileges, Lia stays at home and is heavily guarded. 

It isn’t until she meets a homeless woman who looks exactly like her. Winter tells Lia her life story about being an alcoholic and losing her baby. Lia decides to make Winter pretend to be her so she can escape with the help of Rai. 

However, the plan does go according to plan as Adrien instantly notices that Winter is not Lia. He immediately finds her, and Lia runs until she is at the edge of the cliff and jumps. Adrien saves her and takes her to the hospital. However, when she wakes up, she thinks she is Winter. 

Adrien lets Lia go and live her homeless life in hopes she regains her memory. 

Love Story 

Now the third book, Consumed by Deception, Lia’s memories return to her and takes place right after the cliff-hanger in Vow of Deception. Luca, her childhood friend, is confronting her in an alley and wants more information but Lia refuses to give him any. Adrien catches them as Luca is kissing Lia. Adrien is enraged but Lia tries to calm him down and explain. She submits to him to show him that she is telling the truth and that she will not ever run ever again. 

Lia is a changed woman now. She speaks up for herself and back talks to Adrien. She must prove herself to Adrien which she tries too. 

She convinces Adrien to go on a family vacation and he can pick the destination. He chose Russia. They have a great family trip; however, Adrien gets in trouble with his Pakhan because he killed their candidate for mayor because he sexually assaulted Lia when she believed she was Winter. 

This was seen as betrayal and punishable by death. Adrien leaves to suffer his fate to protect Lia. However, Lia takes matters into her own hands by going to her biological father and asking for his help. 

Lia saves Adrien and all is revealed. 


This book does end in a happy ending. Lia and Adrien are together and in love with each other. Their marriage has brought the Russian and Italians to form a working relationship. Lia has gained a whole new family and has expanded her own as well.

My Opinion 

I loved this trilogy. I read the first book when it came out but was bummed, I had to wait for the next book to come out. I waited to read the last two so I could read it all in one sitting. It was great! 

I loved Adrien and Lia, especially their son Jeremy. Their bodyguards were also fun secondary characters. I love how Rina Kent; books are all connected to each other in some way. The whole trilogy was cohesive and was easy to follow. I recommend you read this series if you love the mafia. 

Rina Kent did an amazing job. Like the whole story in all three books fit and made sense. 

  • Cover 3 / 5 
  • Drama 5 / 5
  • Steamy moments 5 / 5 
  • Writing Style 4 / 5 
  • My Rating 4 / 5 
  • Would I read again? YES

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