Gifts for Her Under $100 During COVID-19

What do you get for someone for their birthday during COVID?

Every year for my birthday, my siblings would ask me “what do I want for your birthday?” And every year I would give them my birthday wish list of items I want. Usually it’s clothes, makeup, a new bag, shoes etc. I’m basic. 

It would always be something for me to wear or show off to people when going to school or hanging out with friends but this year things are a little different… 

Okay VERY different. 

I’m still self-distancing and remaining at home at all times, so I can’t really ask for much since I’m not really going anywhere. Last year, I could ask for cute items to wear at home and my Kindle to read to pass the time in lockdown. However, this year I had no idea what I wanted for my birthday because I basically had everything I needed to stay home. 

With COVID and everyone isolating, there wasn’t anything I needed because I just stayed home all day and saw no one. I didn’t need new clothes because I wasn’t going to wear them anywhere and my everyday style is sweats and tanks. Makeup? Not an option because I don’t wear makeup anymore and I don’t see anyone worthy of putting makeup on for. A new handbag? I don’t need it because I don’t go anywhere. Shoes? The only place I will be walking to is from my room to the kitchen to the bathroom. So nope that wasn’t an option. 

When asked again, this year, what I wanted for my birthday, I didn’t have a list or anything in mind of what I would want. Not even a simple gift card. I was just stuck thinking of what I need.

I generally like gifts where I can use it every day and not have it sit on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. So again, what do I need? Is the question.

I had no response for my siblings in the gift giving department, for me. I’m usually easy to shop for because I provide links and sizes on the exact things I want, so all my siblings would just have to do, is choose which items from my list they want to give to me and provide their credit card information. Simple as that!

(I know some might have different opinions on gift giving for birthdays or for whatever celebration, but this is how my family does it).  


So, what are some gift ideas to give to people during COVID-19? 

I have gathered some items which I think would make great gifts or give you ideas/ inspiration on what to get a female during the summer, who is in her early twenties and is currently in University #me is the perfect example. 

I think these items are great general presents when you don’t know what to get someone or to give the person a present, they will use and not waste. All these items are under $100 as I’m also not an expensive person to shop for as well. 

Everything from the photo will be linked down below! If not just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Let’s Begin!

Jewelry: is probably the one gift that is very versatile and that it can be worn whenever. For me, I always wear earrings every single day, no matter where I am. I think simple pieces like necklaces and earrings can be comfortable and make you feel better and more put together during those Zoom calls. Especially good quality jewelry makes for the best present because it will last forever and not tarnish. There are also a lot of great local jewelry stores so you can support your local businesses! The necklace I bought was from Oak and Fort during their free shipping promo called the Lock Pendent.

Sunglasses: Since it’s warming up now and the sun is shining more, sunglasses are a must. I spend more time outside and could use some new sunnies to protect my eyes. So, I’ve been looking for a good pair of basic sunglasses to wear outside while I work. It hasn’t been easy finding a simple pair of black sunglasses that are basic and that fit my face. Also, free shipping was a must I wanted. But I found the perfect one and guess what… they were sold out of it. Oak and Fork please restock your Big Frame sunglasses in black! I’ve been waiting for them to be back in stock so I could buy them myself as a gift to myself.

But sunglasses are a good gift for me or whoever because they are definitely going to wear them in the summer. There are tons of online shops that sell sunglasses, so you just need to find the perfect fit. Oak and Fort have sunglasses that are super cheap and are good quality. They offer minimal styles that are great for everyday wear. 

Coffee Mugs or water bottles: Or any liquid holder for your recipients favorite drinks are another great affordable gift idea! Water bottles and coffee mugs are more common. It’s versatile, cute and will be used. I got the “Everything is Peachy” mug from Indigo or Chapters as some might still call it.

A bottle of wine: If you are over the age of 21 or 19 in Canada, then a bottle of wine or whatever alcohol is their favorite. I’m not a drinker but most of my friends are and I usually gift them their favorite alcoholic drink for their birthdays. It is easy and it will definitely be used! It’s also a great mother’s day gift! My go to when I don’t their drink is Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rosé. It is a good wine for the summer and the most people who try it really like it.

Candles: I have grown to appreciate candles. They are cute and smell great leaving my home smelling fresh especially when I’m cooking in the kitchen. Candles are one of the easiest gifts to give. It literally takes no brain power except what scent to choose from. But I’m pretty sure you know what smells good and what doesn’t. I got the Mokara and Goji Tarocco Orange glass jar scents.

My personal favorite brand of candles are by Voluspa. They have some great scents that are not too strong or smell gross. They have a variety to fit everyone’s preferences. You can find these candles at Indigo or online somewhere, but these candles smell good, trust me. The scents are so good that I wish it was a perfume or body spray so I can wear it all day. I’m very picky about scented candles because most scents give me a headache and smell so strong. But I found this brand while smelling every single candle at Indigo and I loved it and kept with it ever since. Also, candles are a really cute gift and the jars that some of them come in are so pretty. I save some of those jars after the candle wax is done and gone, I’ll clean out the jar and use it to hold my lipsticks, my makeup brushes or use it as stationary or to hold whatever.  

Skincare gift sets: Since I don’t wear makeup anymore, the next best thing to put on my face is skincare. Face masks, serums, oils, creams, you name it! All that stuff is what I use now on my face. I love skincare now, especially since I’ve been having some acne issues, but we’ll talk about that another time. 

Sephora has great skincare sets/ gifts to purchase online, and they have free shipping so that’s a plus. It’s simple and easy and can be shipped to the recipient’s door so you don’t have to go there and drop it off yourself! Yay for social distancing! 

Books: I love books, especially romance as you can tell from my book reviews. Anyways, books are always a plus for me. I would gift my favorite books to my friends or whoever in paperback or if they had a kindle, I would buy it via Amazon. But romance is the way to my heart and I’m always looking for something new to read. 

Hats: Any sort of hat right now, baseball, paperboy, fedora, bucket hats. Whatever type of hat works for me. Hats are an essential during the summer especially if you plan to study or work outside. Right now I’m really want a bucket hat and Aritizia sells them in a variety of colours for only $28.

Office Stationery: Cute notepads, stickies, desk holders etc. Every time I visit Indigo, I’m always browsing all the cute stationary items that I wish I could buy but know I shouldn’t. Notepads and journals are a few items that I use and collect. I prefer writing things down on my phone or laptop because most of the time my thoughts are sporadic, and I prefer writing it down on a piece of paper. But office stationery is a good gift that will be used since everyone is staying at home working or going to school. It helps spice up their work area. For me, a cute and clean work area makes me want to do work because of the whole aesthetic of my office. 

Plants: are a super easy and affordable gift to give to others, especially during the summer. Depending on the plant, plants require little maintenance especially if it’s a succulent. You can pick up a plant really anywhere, I got mine from Walmart.

Sweater and pant sets: Cropped sweaters and sweater shorts! Aritzia and Oak and Fort have cute sweater and sweatpants sets for the summer. They are simple and comfortable, perfect for a gift or treat yourself. The items in the photo are from Aritzia and they are a sweater and shorts set.

Now all these gifts are super easy, and you can combine them to create cute little gift baskets or whatever. But they also work well separately. It’s whatever you prefer. I personally love all these items and would be forever grateful if anyone got me them for my birthday or just cause. 

These gift ideas are super affordable and under $100 so that’s a plus. You are also not wasting money on a gift that will just sit and collect dust. These gifts would be used, abused, and broken into from using it so much. 

But I hope these gift ideas helped and inspired you to buy the best gifts during COVID. 

Would love to read your guys thoughts on what are the best gifts to give during COVID and if you received anything interesting that wasn’t mentioned in this list! Comment down below!

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