Marked (Russian Sinners) by Eva Winners – Review and Spoilers


  • Marked (first book in the Russian Sinner series) by Eva Winners
  • Instant love 
  • Strong heroine who is smart and speaks her mind, she’s also a virgin
  • Mafia: Russian Bratva 
  • Great secondary characters 
  • Alpha male 

Hero & Heroine 

Anastasia Manciatti: A 25-year-old surgeon, one of the youngest and most accomplished surgeon in US history. Her specialty is pediatric. She is very forgiving and always sees a silver lining in the worst situations. Her mother, Alexandrea, died when Anastasia was only 10 years old. Both her and her mother were kidnapped by Boris when leaving her 10th birthday. Anastasia holds major guilt for her mother’s death as she believes it was her fault. She grew up wealthy and her family are high up in the political field. Her mom was from the upper-class while her father was from the working-class. Her father is the state’s attorney. While growing up she grew a life of privilege and wealth but never found the right man she had sparks for. Hence, she is still a virgin. 

Dimitry Alexeyev (Russian Sinner): Is the leader of the Russkaya mafiya which is part of the Russian mafia. He lives in San Francisco. He is trying to legitimize his businesses. He bribes senators, congressmen, governors, state attorneys, judges, and anyone within power to help his business. His brothers Nikolai and Sergei are his brothers by choice and help him rule their organization. He grew up in the orphanage and is the oldest out of the three. He has no problem killing those who deserve it, but he never kills innocents. His body is covered in tats to hide his scars. He grew up in an orphanage, poor with no food or a good place to sleep, that is until he joined the mafia at 14. 

Backstory (Prologue) 

Anastasia and her two best friends, Olivia and Scarlet go travelling through Europe with her bodyguard Brian. Their last stop was in Russia. Anastasia and her friends go to a local club called the Russian Orchid. It is where all the mobsters hangout, but they didn’t know that. They dance and sing the night away. However, Anastasia sneaks off to go back to the hotel. But before she could make it to her car she was kidnapped. 

Love Story 

The state’s attorney Manciatti calls Dimitry asking for his help in getting his daughter back as she has been kidnapped by Boris Jovanov. Now Boris was the leader in the Russian mafia before Dimitry took over. The state’s attorney was the one who convicted Boris in putting him away but Dimitry and his brothers were the ones to hand over the evidence against him anonymously to gain control of their organization. In exchange of finding his daughter, he will stop his pursuit of Dimitry’s illegal dealing and have his full support and get Governor Jameson and Senator Jackson’s votes in legalizing his business. 

Dimitry has always wanted to take over Boris’ russkaya mafia group. Boris was a lunatic and needed to be put down. He was the one who kidnapped Anastasia and her mother when she was younger. 

Boris does have a few men who are loyal to him. They were the ones who kidnapped Anastasia for Boris. 

Dimitry saves Anastasia from her captors and takes her to a safe house. Dimitry must protect Anastasia until Boris’s execution which happens in 5 months. However, Boris escapes during a prison break and is on a flight back to Russia. Now he is after Anastasia to finish the job on her while also going after Dimitry and his brothers for putting him in prison. 

Here their relationship is starting to grow. Dimitry is instantly attracted to her. Before meeting her, he thought she was a spoiled dumb princess, but in fact she is an intelligent doctor. Dimitry sees the caring and understanding side of Anastasia and she is his undoing. 

I thought this was a reverse harem at the start because Anastasia was left alone with Sergei, Dimitry and Nikolai. They all go along and Dimitry was making remarks about how Sergei liked her, and Nikolai was making jokes with her. However, it’s not. Sergei’s love interest is Scarlett and Nikolai’s is Olivia. The next books from this series are about those couples. 

So, Boris captures Anastasia and Dimitry goes after her to save her. Captured, Boris calls Anastasia’s father and her father tell him and Anastasia that Anastasia’s biological father is Boris and not him. Her mother Alexandrea was a nurse in Russia for year and she treated Boris for a minor injury. They fell in love and when Alexandrea asked him to leave the mafia life he refused, therefore, she left to go back to the states with his child. 

Guns blazing, Anastasia saved Dimitry by taking a bullet for him. Boris takes the second bullet that was intended for Anastasia and he dies. 


In the hospital, Anastasia wakes up to find Dimitry, her father and her grandfather in the room. Her family accepts Dimitry, and all is forgiven. 

This book ends in a Happy Ever After and moves on to the next book, Scarred, which is about Nikolai and Olivia’s relationship. And the third book is Nikolai’ and Scarlett’s called Disgraced.

My Opinion 

I generally enjoyed this Marked. This was the first book I have read by this author. It was different to what other mafia books I have read where the heroine is the complete opposite of the hero. She saves lives while he takes them away. She grew up rich and he had to work for the lifestyle he wanted. I love a strong female heroine who does speak her mind. She is caring and smart as a whip. She isn’t afraid of the big Russian men. When she was kidnapped, she fought for her life against big scary men with guns. 

Dimitry was a sweetheart to Anastasia. I loved how there was no cheating in this book, and we didn’t need to know his manwhore ways like some of the mafia books I have read. Marked was a refreshing read about the Russian mafia world. It’s dark but not that dark where you have to take a breather from reading the abusive scenes. 

But a great read if you are starting to read mafia romances. It is on the lighter side of the mafia spectrum! 

  • Cover 4 / 5 
  • Drama 3 / 5
  • Steamy moments 3 / 5 
  • Writing Style 4 / 5 
  • My Rating 3 / 5 
  • Would I read again? YES

Check out the book and the rest of the series on Goodreads here!

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