The Touch of a Villain by Holly Renee – Review and Spoilers

This is a simple enemy to lovers’, bully romance novel, which is the first book in The Boys of Clermont Bay. This book DOES end on a cliff-hanger just so y’all are aware and the second book does not come out till June 10, 2021 called The Fall of a God. This is a high school romance with rich families involved. Of course, the hero’s family owns the entire town and the heroine has a twist to her typical story of a poor girl. 

Josie Vos, a senior whose mother has passed away so she goes and lives with her estranged father in Clermont Bay. She has a stepbrother who, to me, is a prick to others, but might care for his sister (I say might because we don’t know his full story). But the book starts off with her going with her stepbrother to a party and she meets the king himself, Beck Clermont. They share a cute moment on the beach together until he discovers that she is related to Beck’s enemy, her stepbrother. Now after this realization Beck’s feelings toward Josie turn to hate because of association. He instantly has her pegged for a typical rich girl until she surprises him by asking his father for a job at the country club. Josie works, it’s all she has ever known, since she did not grow up privileged. 

So, throughout the book he tries to deny his feelings for her and basically puts a target on her back. Beck has this vendetta against Josie’s stepbrother after what he did to his sister (we don’t know all the details yet but it has to do something with his group of friends and her and posting inappropriate content). But they do get to know each other and they start to develop feelings for each other. Once they GET together and the next morning a video appears on social media of him going down on her in the pool and it has gone viral. Josie feels betrayed by Beck and basically never wants to see him again. He tries to reach for her but both of their dad’s and Josie’s stepbrother appear and take Josie home… and that is how the book ends. 

If you’re into lots of drama, this book has it. Are you into petty teenagers and betrayal? This book has it. Rich teenage kids living near the beach? This book has it. 


I enjoyed this book. It was an easy, quick read for me. What I would say about this book is that I do not like heroines who just rollover and have no backbone. I hope in the next book I will see Josie take charge of her life and not have men dictate or ruin her life. Stay tuned for review of the second book, The Fall of a God.

  • Enemies to lover’s romance novel
  • Bully romance novel
  • Rich families 
  • High school, teenage drama filled romance
  • My rating 3/5 
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