Playing With Fire by Sheridan Anne & Dusty Lambert – Review and Spoilers


  • Playing With Fire by Sheridan Anne and Dusty Lambert
  • Single parent romance
  • Alpha male firefighter falls in love with a single mom 
  • With cute kids involved 
  • Cute, simple read 
  • No cheating
  • 2 baby mammas 

Hero & Heroine 

Bull is a well-known firefighter. The fire department is famous in their town which makes him a big deal. He has a brother, Tanner, who is part of the MC biker group for that town. He’s a big guy. Alpha male. Obviously attractive. He did have an agreement with his friends with benefits, Jessa but that turned south real quick. He didn’t believe that she was crazy and kept sleeping with her until he met Amelia. 

Amelia is a single mommy to two little girls, Ryan and Coby. She lost her father a couple of months ago and lives in the home he built. She is a dance teacher. Her life is hectic raising two little girls on her own. She takes it one day at a time. Her trusted friend Zoey is also a great helper when she needs it. Her confidence level is low before she meets Bull. She doesn’t believe that any man would be interested in her because she is a single mom.

Backstory (Prologue) 

Amelia lives a hectic lifestyle because of her two girls. She nicknamed them hurricane and monster.  Her cheating, deadbeat baby daddy, Bryce Dallas, doesn’t make things easier. He takes the girls every second Saturday just to make Amelia mad. The girls don’t like going over there but they must. Bryce usually degrades Amelia and her parenting skills even though she is basically taking care of two small children all by herself. He constantly threatens to take the girls away because Amelia is an “unfit mom.” 

Bull sees Amelia at the hardware store and instantly falls in love with her and calls her Angel. He follows Amelia into the hardware store and helps her out. Amelia is skeptical about Bull and believes he is stalking her but before Bull can assure her, he is paged into work and leaves her. 

Love Story 

Bull and Amelia reconnect when Amelia calls 911 to help get her daughter’s head out of the fence. 

Bull shows up and gets Ryan out of the two poles her head is wedged in. 

Bull shows up later to help repair the fence as it was sentimental to Amelia. As a thank you, Amelia invites Bull in for dinner and he then asks her out on a date, starting their relationship.

2 weeks later, Amelia and her girls go to spend the weekend with Bull and his friends at their cabin. Ryan and Coby have grown to love Bull. He is a father figure to the girls and he loves them as if they were his own.

However, before Bull started dating Amelia, he had an arrangement with another girl, Jessa. Now Jessa agreed to his terms but Jet, Bull’s co-worker/friend, warned Bull that Jessa was crazy. Bull does not believe Jet and continues to ignore Jessa’s texts about ‘meeting up’ and ‘her missing him.’

Amelia and Bull have a great weekend together and return home. When they get back to Bull’s, Jessa is there and tells him she’s pregnant. Amelia immediately leaves because not only does Amelia believe that Bull has been cheating on her with Jessa, but Jessa used to bully Amelia in high school.

Bull takes responsibility for the baby but he makes it clear to Jessa that they are not going to get married or be in any sort of relationship. So that messes with Jessa’s plan on being with Bull. 

Bull goes to Amelia and grovels at her feet. Amelia accepts him back. But turns out Amelia is pregnant as well with Bull’s baby. 

Jessa’s plan on trapping Bull didn’t go as she planned. She starts drinking, causing harm to her baby, which she doesn’t care about. Amelia got everything that Jessa wanted and acts out.

Once Jessa gives birth to Bull’s son, she immediately leaves, therefore automatically giving Bull and Amelia custody of Jessa’s baby. 


When Bull’s son is born, he has to stay at the hospital because of Jessa’s excessive drinking during her pregnancy. However, he does get better and is able to leave the hospital but not before Amelia gives birth to their daughter, Reed. 

In the end, Amelia and Bull raise their kids together. HEA

There are two epilogues: 1. A couple years later, Bull proposes to Amelia 2. Years later when the kids are older in their late teens and early twenties. 

My Opinion 

I thought Playing With Fire was a cute simple read. I love reading books with cute kids and children’s dialogue included as well. I was very upset that Bull got another girl pregnant, but it worked out in the end. They got their little happy family. I definitely recommend if you are looking for a cute simple romance book to read. 

My Ratings

  • Cover 2 / 5 
  • Drama 4 / 5
  • Steamy moments 3 / 5 
  • Writing Style 3 / 5 
  • My Rating 3 / 5 
  • Would I read again? YES

For more about this book check it out on Goodreads!

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