Best Romance Books to Read in the Summer

As summer is approaching here are the best romance books to read in the summer to get you into the summer mood. Some of these books are set during the summer while others are not but they give you the same summer warm feel.

Let’s Begin

Fallen Too Far (Rosemary Beach #1) by Abbi Glines 

This whole series is set in a small town where the rich come for the summer to vacation. The first three books of the series are a trilogy of Rush and Blaire’s relationship. Even the cover is set on the beach which screams SUMMER. 

The first three books: 

Fallen Too Far

Never Too Far

Forever Too Far 

Rush Too Far  – And Rush’s POV book –

The first three books were my favorite as Blair and Rush’s relationship was a summer romance that I loved. It’s about a rich son of a Rockstar who falls in love with a small-town Alabamian girl. 

Rush Finlay is the son of the famous drummer from Slacker Demon. He is 24 years-old and covered in tattoos and piercings. Of course, he is a womanizer and sleeps with models, actresses etc. He takes care of his mom and his sister financially as he is the one that makes money dabbling in the stock market. Off-season he spends his time travelling with his friends or locating mainly in New York. But he goes to Rosemary beach for the summer. His mother relies on his son to fund her lavish lifestyle as she was a band groupie. She is an absentee parent as she barely took care of Rush and his sister. Rush basically raised his sister Nanette and is very lenient towards her. 

Blair Wynn is from a small-town in Alabama. She knows how to shoot and handle a gun. She goes to Rosemary beach to live with her father and his new wife. Blair’s mom passed away from cancer and her twin sister died in a car accident when she was younger. Blair is only 19 and has had to deal with so much. She is very poor, she doesn’t have a home back in Alabama, has a small suitcase of her clothes, she doesn’t even have a cellphone. First her father abandoned her and her mom at a crucial moment in their lives. But Blair has no one now and has no choice but to contact her father and ask for help. Her father is married to Rush’s mom which is how they meet. 

Arriving in Rosemary Beach in her rusty old pickup truck, Blair goes to Rush’s house only to find a party is happening. She goes inside and sees Rush for the first time. Now Rush already knows who Blair is and does not like her. He doesn’t like her because she is a threat to his sister and he protects his sister no matter one, he doesn’t even like her dad. 

Blair with nothing in her bank account and very little gas leaves only to be stopped by Rush. Rush lets her stay in his house and gives her the maid’s room which is under the staircase. She makes herself sparse in Rush’s house and doesn’t even eat his food. She only survives on the peanut butter sandwiches she keeps in her room. 

Nanette is another nuisance as she complains about how Blair is ruining her life and such. She doesn’t want Blair here at all because that will take the attention away from her. Nanette has grown up with major daddy issues and throughout the series she is a villain that Rush keeps deafening and protecting no matter the cost. 

Blair discovers that her father and his new wife are gone on vacation and won’t be returning for a while. Blair decides to stay and wait for him, but she needs to find a job. 

She gets a job at Kerrington Country Club as a server in the dining and cart/ beverage girl. She meets Bethy, her new best friend who also is not rich so they instantly bond. She meets Woods whose Dad is the owner of the country club. He is really nice to her and they could have had a relationship, but I think friendship is all that’s there. However, he is the only nice rich dude who offers Blair help. 

Rush tries to keep Blair at a distance but there is a pull that he is fighting. Blair literally sees him have sex with other women and quickly runs away, but Rush still wants Blair. 

Blair knows she doesn’t fit in with the rich people group and she is constantly cut down by those people, even Rush. But she has no choice but continues to keep going in order for her to get out of Rosemary and start a life. Read more about their relationship in the next books of the Rosemary Beach series. 

I recommend reading the whole series as it all takes place in Rosemary Beach. The Rosemary Beach series really is a book to read in summer to get you into the mood. Read about the upper-class vacation in a small-town with country club memberships, golfing on a daily and formal dining for the elite. This is a gut-wrenching, tear-jerker book so be prepared to go on an emotional rollercoaster. 

Breathe (Sea Breeze #1) by Abbi Glines

Sea Breeze series by Abbi Glines is another summer read. The series is similar to her Rosemary Beach series but deals with a whole new set of characters. 

The first book in the series, Breathe, is similar to Rush and Blair’s story where a poor girl falls in love with the rich boy. 

Sadie White is no ordinary 17-year-old. Instead of spending her summer relaxing on the beach, she is working full-time instead of spending her summer at the beach like every other teenager.  She basically takes care of her mom being the parent in their relationship. They both live a poor lifestyle and live in the basement of a house. Her mom is very pregnant, with a baby daddy who wants nothing to do with her because she has terrible taste in men and heavily relies on them.

Due to her pregnancy, her mom is unable to work her new job as a maid. Sadie decides to take over her mom’s job as a domestic servant for one of the wealthy families’ summer homes. 

Jax Stone is a famous teenage Rockstar. He is staying at his summer home on the island to take a break from being famous for the summer.

Jax is instantly attracted to Sadie as he first sees her waiting on him and his mother during dinner. He keeps staring at Sadie during the whole dinner and Sadie’s notices, even her work friend Marcus notices. He visits the kitchen often just to see her and drives her back home after her shift. 

Their relationship rapidly grew and Jax explained that Sadie was his air. They have romantic walks on the beach and spend time together throughout the summer. 

The fame and publicity does get to Sadie as she sees Jax with an actress at a movie premier. This upsets Sadie, she knows that she doesn’t fit into his lifestyle.

Sadie and Jax’s relationship is splashed all over the tabloids and now the whole world knows about Sadie and him. To protect Sadie, Jax walks away from her. 

Sadie does not deal with the breakup well. She barely eats and showers. Her mom is being the parent for once. 

Sadie’s mom suddenly is in labour and gives birth to a baby boy, Sam. Her mom suffers from severe postpartum depression, leaving Sadie to work and to look after a newborn. 

Jax releases a new song about Sadie called Don’t Cry. 

While Sadie is juggling work, school, and a newborn this puts a major toll on her health, she is heavily sleep deprived but keeps on going. 

Back at school, everyone knows about her relationship with Jax. A magazine article suspects Jax’s new girlfriend, who will be in his new music for Don’t Cry. This majorly affects Sadie, but she doesn’t let it affect her as Sam depends on her to be strong.

While biking to school Sadie passes out from exhaustion. She wakes up in a hospital and hears Jax’s voice. Unconscious for a week, Jax tells Sadie what has been going on since her incident. Her mom is in a facility to treat her postpartum while Sam is with Ms. Mary, an employee of Jax’s who cares for Sadie. 

Jax comes back and makes everything better for Sadie. He travels between work to see Sadie.

Breathe by Abbi Glines was a simple read for me. It made me feel as if I was on the beach and by the ocean. It definitely felt summer vibes from this book and could practically feel the sunshine. The cover even gives me summer romance vibes. I highly recommend reading it on the beach or outside in the sunshine this summer. 

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) by J. Daniels

All right so the next one is Where I Belong by J. Daniels. This is another southern romance book so sorry if they aren’t your favorite. 

Mia Corelli returns to Alabama for the summer to visit her best friend, Tessa. One thing that she is not looking forward to is seeing Tessa’s older brother Benjamin Kelly. 

Growing up Benjamin was the biggest bully towards Mia. Now Mia, as a child and teenager, wasn’t the prettiest duckling until she got older. She was the girl with the braces, and the glasses and the had a bit of weight on her. Ben would make comments and snide remarks on all her insecurities. 

This affected Mia that she would sometimes starve herself because of the comments he made. 

Years later she returns as a new woman. She starts to start off the summer with a bang by giving away her virginity to a guy she met at the bar. He takes her home and they share one explosive night. 

The next morning, Mia leaves and goes to Tessa’s house. 

Now Ben just had the most amazing night with a chick he met at the bar, but he was disappointed to see that she left him. 

Anyways, his sister calls him and tells her that she needs help with the pool and needs him to come over and to also be nice to Mia when he sees her. Ben goes and recalls Mia being an annoying girl during his youth. 

Ben gets there and sees Mia, but her face is covered by a towel. She takes the towel off an they both lock eyes and realize they both spend the night together. Ben has an instant attraction and tries to get with Mia. However, Mia holds a grudge against Ben for his comments and actions when they were younger and wants nothing to do with him. 

Ben is persistent in trying to convince Mia that he is a changed man, but Mia has deep scars caused by him. 

It isn’t until Mia meets Ben’s son, Nolan, that she starts to accept Ben and see that he is a changed man.

This book again is a series so you can continue to read on throughout the summer if you want. Also, it has a decent number of pages, like 240 pages. I read those in a day, so it’s a cute quick read about a summer romance. 

Until November (Until #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

This entire series is bingeworthy. A cute simple romance read that is filled with drama, suspense, steamy scenes and so much more. I think the first, Until November, is probably my favorite out of the entire Until series.

November is moving to Tennessee to live with her dad after being brutally attacked in an alley in New York and walking in on her fiancée having sex with her mother. 

Her mother is a selfish, horrible person that took November away from her father, as a baby, and live in New York to become an actress.

It wasn’t till years later when November’s dad found her, and they started to contact each other. So, November decides to move in with her dad and work for him at his strip club doing the books. She travels across the country with her trusted guard dog Beast, who saved her from being attacked in that alley. 

She gets into town and is welcomed by her father and the rest of her family that she has never met before. 

Couple days later after all her bruises from her attack have healed, she goes into the club to work the books. She calls her dad “daddy” which one might misinterpret that meaning. 

While leaving the club she meets Asher Mayson. 

Asher Mayson is the oldest of the Mayson boys. He is tall and very good looking. All the ladies flock towards him and his brothers. He instantly sees November and BOOM. He experiences the Mayson curse. 

Now the Mayson curse, is when they meet their soulmate for the first time there is this boom effect that they experience and become dominant alpha males to their soulmate and can’t stop thinking about them. 

Their first encounter Asher thinks that November is her father’s girlfriend because she called him “daddy.” However, her dad introduces November as his daughter and Asher is shocked, making November laugh. 

The next day, November goes to the old folks home and bring Beast to volunteer. She meets Asher again their because he was visiting his grandmother. He asks November out to go play some pool at the local bar and she accepts. 

She goes to the bar meets Asher and his brothers. November notices that there are many scandalous dressed women who are all rubbing up against the Mayson brothers, especially Asher. November deciding, she has had enough prepares to leave. Asher confused on why she is leaving intercepts her before she can leave. November’s excuse is she has to go walk her dog. Asher doesn’t believe her and takes her keys from her and takes her home to go walk her dog. 

Something is instantly wrong when they arrive at November’s house. All the lights are off and the door to her basement apartment is open. Beast is covered in red paint and there is writing on her wall. Asher takes her back to his place to keep her safe while his father, the sheriff, investigates. 

Their relationship takes off at a rapid pace. This is an instant love romance book with no cheating. November and Asher’s story is a cute and simple, perfect for the summer. Aurora Rose Reynolds has a whole Until series that will occupy your time in the summer!

Reed’s Reckoning by Ahren Sanders

This is a surprise baby daddy standalone romance book by Ahren Sanders. 

Reed Mathews: Famous wide receiver with plenty of money and women to pass the time. He recently is recovering from an injury that happened last season on his knee. He is relaxing and thinks about the one girl that got away. 

Arianna ‘Ari’ Williams has suffered losing both of her parents at a young age. She was able to survive with her trusted friend Luke for her to lean on throughout the years. In University Reed asks Ari out on a date, she agrees, and they go to dinner. 

Now Ari has no idea who Reed is and doesn’t really know that much about football. She doesn’t care for his status or how much money he is going to make when he goes into the NFL. 

Their first date doesn’t go as planned but Reed makes up for it on their second. They are college sweethearts. But an unexpected set of events breaks them apart with Reed leaving and going into the pros and tries to mend his broken heart with women and alcohol. Ari was left pregnant and depressed with Reed’s baby. 

Years later, Ari has a beautiful 3-year-old boy named Davis. Ari now lives at her grandma’s house on the back of their property and works as a financial advisor at the bank. Her grandma, Luke, and her friend Sophie all help to take care of Davis. Without them Ari would not be able to juggle being a fulltime mom and supporting herself and her son at the same time. 

A chance encounter at the beach during the summer, Reed sees Davis and Ari for the first time. He instantly notices that Davis looks exactly like him but with Ari’s smile. He hires a private investigator and discovers he has a son. 

He confronts Ari and she tells him that he didn’t want to be a part of the baby’s life. His high school girlfriend threatened Ari in college and that is why she ran away. But Reed was also a victim in this scenario. Someone left him a note pretending to be Ari saying that she is breaking up with him. It was really a whole miscommunication between them, and this evil villain played on both of their insecurities. 

Reed realizes he has a son and wants to get to know him. He has a second shot at gaining everything he ever wanted his family back and he will stop at nothing to get Ari back. However, lies and deception will occur. The truth will be revealed, and families will be torn apart. 

Hope this post gave you the inspiration to read one of these books during the summer or at least inspire you to read. Tell me your thoughts and if you found other summer vibe books to read, let me know in the comments!

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