A Book That ALL Sport Romance Readers MUST Read: Pucked (Pucked #1) by Helena Hunting – Reviews and Spoilers


  • Pucked (Pucked #1) by Helena Hunting
  • Sports (hockey) romance
  • A humorous love story that makes you want to read again 
  • Canadian HERO 
  • Smart, nerdy heroine
  • Hockey lingo you will understand
  • Hockey romance series that is worth the read! 

Hero & Heroine 

Violet Hall: 22 year old lives in her parents pool house. Her mom remarried to her now step-father which gained her a new step-brother. Her step-brother, Buck, plays hockey for the Chicago Hawks. She is an accountant and works at a sports firm. She’s nerdy and speaks whatever is the first thing that pops into her mind and it goes right out of her mouth. Which is quite funny. I think she was quirky and embraced her inner nerd. She does not care what other people think of her. She literally shot her shot with Alex Waters. She stays away from hockey players as she has learned from her past and her brother that they are players on and off the ice. 

Alex Waters: Canadian born, hockey player, plays for the Hawks. He is 25 and captain of the Hawks. His reputation, off the ice, is being the dude who pulled off a ‘hat trick’ meaning he hooked up with three girls in one night. When he first started his career he gained a playboy reputation that he did not deny. Now at 25 he is one of the highest paid hockey players in the league.  Besides the rumours about him, he is very respectable and treats women with the utter most respect. He always asks Violet permission when they were together. He is not your typical playboy either.

Backstory (Prologue) 

Violet Hall is a fresh graduate and working for a sports firm. Her step-brother Buck recently got traded to the Hawks because of his manwhore ways and moved back to Chicago. Her relationship with her step-brother is very funny and they act like real siblings who bicker. Her mother forces her to go to his game to show family support. However, Violet has no interest in hockey and reads a book at their game. 

While there are puck bunnies who dress in mini skirts when it’s freezing cold in the arena, Violet is bundled up in jeans and a sweater and doesn’t give a flying f***. 

Love Story 

Violet first sees Alex getting bashed against the glass at the Hawks game. She notices his eyes on her and she reciprocates the staring. 

She has seen Alex Waters before in that milk ad she likes to look at but she didn’t know his name until now. 

At the after party back at the hotel bar, Violet sits with her brother and the team. Her brother is instantly distracted by a punk bunny so Violet chills next to them. Until Alex sits next to her. 

Now Violet doesn’t deal with public crowds well and leaves to go “smoke.” Therefore extracting herself from the conversation. Alex follows her out and they talk and kiss. However, her brother comes and sees them and stops the kiss. 

Violet leaves and goes back to her room she is sharing with her mom and step-father. It isn’t until Alex invites her up to his room that they hook up. Next day Violet leaves him in his bed and flies back to Chicago. 

Alex starts to pursue Violet. He leaves her Canadian related gifts at her place which she cannot refuse. She accepts his offer for a date and their relationship goes on from there. 

Now Violet has been warned by her brother that Alex is a player and that he is infamous for his ‘hat trick’. Alex reveals the truth about the rumour and how its not true. He wanted to be popular and in the public eye and this rumour gave him it. 

Alex’s agent has been telling Alex that he must appear single in order to get a sponsorship deal with a top company that will set him up for life. Without telling Violet, he still sees her but in private. But that doesn’t stop them from being photographed together. 

When Alex is interviewed at the end of the game when Violet is present, a reporter asks about his relationship status. He neither confirms nor denies that he is in a relationship but it’s pretty clear that the answer is ‘no’ because he evaded the question. 

This crushes Violet’s heart. His denial made her look like just like the rest of the punk bunnies. She leaves him and ignores his calls. She moves into her own apartment and rejects anything to do with Alex Waters. 

Alex sees his mistake and tries to fix it. First by firing his agent. Next he sends gifts to Violet telling her he is sorry. He tries to see her but no luck there. It isn’t until he speaks in a candid interview about his relationship and comes clean. He tells the world that he loves Violet and Violet forgives him. Not only did he get his girl back but he won the Stanley Cup as well. 


So Violet forgives Alex and their relationship is full speed ahead. Alex wants her to move into his house but she thinks it’s too soon. However, her poopy apartment floods which means she needs to stay at Alex’s. She realizes they work well together and she moves in with him. 

In the epilogue, Alex takes Violet to his cabin where he proposes to her. He had a whole plan to surprise her with a romantic proposal which obviously didn’t go according to plan. But they still got engaged. 

Read about their kids lives in Little Lies.

My Opinion 

I loved this entire series. Each book is about a different couple that was mentioned in books prior to their own. It’s all set in the same world which I love, so then you can read about past characters and what they are doing. The writing style was so easy to read and the flow of the story was smooth that I breezed through the whole series. I loved the WHOLE series. Each character was different and funny. Helena Hunting has a thing for hockey romance that is so real. I felt like I was reading a reality TV show kinda because of how comical the characters were and they weren’t fake. Her characters are nerdy and make mistakes. Their thoughts and feelings, I guarantee we all felt before and thought we were the only ones feeling or thinking these things. But we are not! I highly recommend this book if you are into a sports, hockey romance books. Great for beginner romance readers getting into reading romance.  

My Ratings

  • Cover 3 / 5 
  • Drama 4 / 5
  • Steamy moments 3 / 5 
  • Writing Style 4 / 5 
  • My Rating 4 / 5 
  • Would I read again? YES

If you want to read more by this author check out her Goodreads here.

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