Wicked Rule (Heartless Kingdom #1) by K. I. Lynn – New Billionaire Romance – Review and Spoilers


  • Wicked Rule (Heartless Kingdom #1) by K. I. Lynn 
  • Billionaire romance (New Series) 
  • Rich, Powerful Hero 
  • Sweet and sassy heroine 
  • Family prejudices 
  • No cheating
  • HEA
  • Renaissance vibe in modern era

Hero & Heroine 

Atticus de Loughrey: CEO of his family’s business. He’s in his mid-thirties and work is his life. He has no time to date and settle down. He controls his entire family. He is KING! His father is a pompous a**. The entire family are rich and entitled upper-class. They control everything, especially their patriarch of the family Atticus. He deals with everything which causes a lot of stress on him. His family avoids scandal but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any secrets that must stay buried. Atticus can’t express his feelings as he learned from an early age to mask his emotions even with his family. I don’t think he ever was shown affection or love so it’s hard for him to express his feelings for Ophelia or show her what’s beneath the tough exterior he keeps in place.

Ophelia Evans: 26-year-old left her pharmaceutical rep. job to find her new passion. Until then she is waitressing at an up-scale restaurant called 130 Degrees. Her father died and her mother remarried her drunk stepfather. She was abused as a kid by both parents. She has two half-sisters who are younger than her. While her sisters were treated like princesses growing up, she took most of the abuse dealt by her stepfather. 

Backstory (Prologue) 

They met at a nightclub on her 26th birthday. He took her back to his hotel suite. They hooked up. Next morning, she gives him her number and he puts her up in a car and she leaves. Still no contact, at work Ophelia needs to set up a table for the owners, who are very rich. She sees him and nothing happens. This goes on for about a year. She serves him lunch twice a week as she is the only one who can handle his strong demeanor. She can read him based on his facial expressions and can tell what he wants. However, that is the only interaction they have. They don’t bring up the one night on her birthday. And they act like strangers who didn’t share an exploding night and morning together.

Love Story 

Atticus has just discovered that his grandfather is dead. At the reading of the will, his grandfather left him basically control of the family fortune. Atticus is the first born of the next generation and therefore will be the successor. For him to gain his inheritance, he must be married within a year and produce an heir before he is 40. If the conditions are not met, then it will go to the next male in line. 

Now Atticus has no time to date at all. He is very busy juggling an empire and his crazy family. His father suggests an arranged marriage and marrying a wealthy heiress. However, Atticus doesn’t want an arranged marriage and wants to choose his wife himself. 

Now ever since his night with Ophelia, he “supposedly” can’t stop thinking about her and chooses her to be his wife. He, however, has 2 on the call women, who are heiresses and fit the picture of a rich upper-class wife, which he uses when he needs an itch or arm candy for events. 

He sees Ophelia every week for lunch but still doesn’t acknowledge her until now. (That part I was annoyed with because he was constantly thinking about being with other women and how he should’ve have chosen one of those two heiresses he keeps around) 

Anyways, he asks his cousin/ lawyer, Rhys, to draft a contract stating that Ophelia will get 10 million dollars if she marries him for five years and she produces an heir for him. 

Now Ophelia is stunned that he is finally talking to her after a year. It is clear that Atticus wants another round with her in bed, but she isn’t interested in that. She negotiates the terms and signs the contract. 

Ophelia is then thrown into another world of the rich elite. Atticus makes her change all her clothes and her appearance when they are out together. (I feel like she has changed so much and isn’t her true self anymore). She moves into his lascivious penthouse and meets his family. His family was not welcoming at the start. Their family dinner was rough, and they kept insulting Ophelia. However, Ophelia kept her mouth shut and didn’t say a word. And Atticus doesn’t seem to step in or anything. 

So, Ophelia is living the rough life in a new life with no one to talk to. It can be lonely, but she still keeps her head held high. There is a constant attraction between Atticus and Ophelia that is simmering and getting ready to explode. When they finally do get together… no words can describe it! 

It isn’t until her stepfather and her mother call her and demand money from her, where things escalate. She has no choice but to follow their instructions and protect her two little sisters as well, therefore, putting herself in danger. 


Now this all happened within 6 months. The epilogue is when they get married at court and again in the wedding his mother, Vera, prepared for them. Atticus gives Ophelia a pregnancy test as he tracked her cycles and they both discover she is pregnant. HEA.

My Opinion 

I’ve read a book by this author before called Becoming Mrs. Lockwood. If you want to read about a famous actor marrying an 18 year old in Vegas check out this book here.

I think she does these surprise marriages really well and is entertaining. I also love her writing style as it’s so easy to read and understand what is going on. There is so much drama and steam involved that it’s hard to put down my Kindle and focus on other things. I wanted to get this book done because each page was a page turner. I think it was interesting looking into the lives of a powerful elite family that holds so much influence. Atticus literally is THE WICKED KING and will destroy anything that gets in his way or hurts those he loves.

I can’t wait for the rest of this series. I’m interested in learning about the rest of the family. 

My Ratings

  • Cover 2 / 5 
  • Drama 4 / 5
  • Steamy moments 3 / 5 
  • Writing Style 4 / 5 
  • My Rating 4 / 5 
  • Would I read again? YES

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