Merciful Vows by Vanessa Luisa – Review


  • Missing daughter
  • Second chance romance
  • Family betrayal 

Hero & Heroine 

Giulio Giannotti: His father abused him growing up after his mom died. His father cheated on his mom with a nurse who then had a baby, Marcus, Giulio’s half-brother. His father committed suicide. Is the CEO of his own company and is an architect. He financially helps his half-brother, constantly, by giving him money and a job at his company. He has a very dark and twisted upbringing with never really receiving any love besides his mother. 

Valencia: Mother to Oscar, Slonne and Addilyn. She is an artist. Has an older sister, Helena. She is on antidepressants after the kidnapping of her daughter. But still holds hope that she is alive and will be found. 

Backstory (Prologue) 

They have twins, Oscar and Slonne

Their baby girl, Addilyn, was kidnapped one night when Giulio was away and Valencia was saying goodbye to her father outside the house. The kidnapper is after Giulio and wants to tortue him. 

Love Story 

It has been 6 months since the kidnapping of Addilyn. Valencia and Giulio are separated and co-parent their twins. Giolio thinks Addilyn is dead and wants closure whereas Valencia still believes that she is alive and that they will find her. 

This sparks most of their arguments as they disagree with each other. 

However, Giolio wants his family back and tries to rekindle his relationship with Valencia. Although Addilyn is missing they try to work things out in their marriage. 

It doesn’t help that Marcus and his friend Bryce are the worst people ever and add on to the stress the couple already have. They are insensitive to the fact that their daughter is missing. 

Anyways, Giulio continues to fight for Valencia, but Valencia is hesitant. 


We find out who kidnapped Addidlyn. 

Addidlyn is safely returned to her parents and they start rebuilding their family again. They remarry, build a new home and start their lives together. Obviously things got better and the book ends with a HEA.

The epilogue goes 4 years later when it’s Christmas time. The family is all together playing tag and having a joyful time. Addidlyn is 4 and she is a happy baby. Valencia is no longer on anti-depressants and the kidnappers are locked up away. 

My Opinion 

Usually I’m not into mystery novels but this made me curious. I tore through this book because I wanted to know who took the baby! I think 50% of the book is when it really starts to escalate and get interesting. Bryce and Marcus pissed me off so much! But the scene with Bryce doing a complete 180 surprised me and annoyed me because I was like why is he being nice now, I want to hate him still. 

But Marcus… yeah there were no redeeming qualities about him. Like I did not feel bad for him at all. But I will say I wish he suffered more. 

Valencia kinda annoyed me as well. Like I get your daughter is missing and stuff but some of her decisions I was like “girl just stop.” Guilio was a sweetheart trying to protect his wife and family. He is trying to be the best husband, father and friend but it was not working out for him. But I give him an A for effort. 

As a first mystery romance type novel for me I think this book was okay. I definitely believe the characters backstory and development could have been more. 

Oh and what was up with that random Zoe character. She was annoying. Like who hits on a dad who is suffering the loss of his missing child and to speak to the mother the way she did! I would have slapped her! 

My Ratings

  • Cover 3 / 5 
  • Drama 4 / 5
  • Steamy moments 2 / 5 
  • Writing Style 3 / 5 
  • My Rating 3 / 5 
  • Would I read again? NO

Let’s see what you guys think. Read the book (here). And comment down below on your thoughts!

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