A Kiss for a Kiss (All in #4) by Helena Hunting – Review and Spoilers


  • A kiss for a kiss (All in #4) by Helena Hunting
  • Sports (hockey) romance
  • Accidentally pregnant 
  • Complicated family
  • Hero and heroine in the 40s

Hero & Heroine 

Jake: Is the Seattle hockey team’s general manager. He was a hockey player when he was younger but gave up his career to be a parent to his daughter Queenie. He got his girlfriend during that time pregnant when he was 20 and became a single father. He is super supportive and sweet when it comes to Hanna. He will sacrifice his job just to be with her and raise their baby.  

Hanna: Is from Tennessee. Her “brother” Ryan is the goalie for Seattle’s hockey team. In the previous book, A secret for a Secret, it is revealed that she is actually Ryan’s birth mom. She was 16 and pregnant. She moved away with her parents and lived with her aunt to have the baby. Once she gave birth, her parent’s adopted Ryan and she played the role of the very big sister. She’s always wanted children and to be a mom, as she never really got the chance to be one to Ryan. She wants to experience it all. She almost had that when she was married, however, she miscarried. Her husband during that time didn’t know that she was Ryan’s mom and that led to him telling Ryan the truth and a divorce. Now, Hanna is in her early 40’s and is in perimenopause and believes she has not shot at becoming a mother. It is hard for her to hide her true identity to the world that she is Ryan’s biological mom, especially during his wedding, when she wanted to do the mom and son dance and to give him a speech.  

Backstory (Prologue) 

Hanna and Jake have known each other since Queen and Ryan got together. The big secret that she is Ryan’s mom he is aware of but doesn’t care. They have been flirting and there is a connection that they both acknowledge. They gotten closer by planning Queenie and Ryan’s engagement party by constantly talking on the phone, messaging and facetime. After Queenie and Ryan’s engagement party, Hanna and Jake flirt a bit and go into the hottub. Things heat up and that is when they start getting together. 

Love Story 

Jake and Hanna have been secretly seeing each other. THey both thought it was just a fling. During Queenie and Ryan’s wedding, Hanna was sad and emotional of the mom things she will be missing out on with Ryan. Jake comforts her and one thing leads to another and they have unprotected sex. Hanna thought she couldn’t get pregnant because she was perimenopause but nope she still got it. 

Hanna is high risk due to her age but she is determined to see this pregnancy through.

She tells Jake about the baby the next day after she finds out and he freaks out a bit. He is worried because of his age and that he will be in his 60s while the kid is in his late teens. 

But he sucks it up and supports Hanna. He wants to come up with a plan since they both live in different cities. Hanna refuses to move because she doesn’t want to give up her life again to have a baby. 

She is also scared of how Ryan will react. 

Anyways, so they navigate their relationship and the pregnancy together and with the help of recurring characters in Hunting’s past hockey romances. 


Hanna gives birth to a healthy baby boy and her and Jake live together now! 


JJ is a toddler and already loves hockey. Jake and Hanna are great parents and grandparents to Queenie and Ryan’s son Scout. HEA. 

My Opinion 

I thought this book was alright. I have read other books by Hunting and they were way better. There isn’t a big conflict in this book. It’s really a steady straight line throughout the book with minor bumps in the road that are instantly solved. But yeah, not much to report about this book. 

My Ratings

  • Cover 3 / 5 
  • Drama 4 / 5
  • Steamy moments 2 / 5 
  • Writing Style 4 / 5 
  • My Rating 3 / 5 
  • Would I read again? No

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