Mr. Garcia by T.L. Swan – Review and Spoilers


  • Mr. Garcia by T.L. Swan
  • Age-gap trope
  • Heroine works at a gentlemen’s club for money
  • Strong, independent heroine
  • Working relationship
  • H and h have a professional working relationship
  • Surprise pregnancy 
  • Recurring secondary characters from previous books

Hero & Heroine 

Sebastian Garcia: A famous, very rich architect. Spanish descent. He is divorced and his ex-wife is a lot of work. He is a father figure to his sister’s son because the kid’s father ran out on them.  

April: is on scholarship in law school in the UK, originally from America. She works at a coffee shop. She applies to work at this club called Club Exotic because apparently it pays well. She was married but got divorced in America. Her ex-husband lives in their house, the one she paid for, so she has no money. 


Club Exotic is a gentleman’s club. Men bid on women (the Escape Girls) and the woman has the option to decline or not and what happens for the night.  

Love Story 

April works at a cafe and Sebastian is her regular customer that keeps coming back for more bad coffee made by her. That is how they first meet and start off their flirting. 

It isn’t until April is hired to work at Club Exotic where she is an Escape Girl where the meet again. She chooses him and they spend the night together. He suddenly leaves her after the get together and she is confused. 

So they keep seeing each other after that and they go on a dinner date to make things more serious. 

Side Note: April lives in the dorms which is why she works at Club Exotic to earn enough money to get her own apartment. There is always a party next door that bugs her and her friend Brandon offers her to sleep on his floor. 

Anyways something happens to that relationship which greatly affects her relationship with Sebastian. Means words were said and she moved away after that.

6 years later. 

April is working as a full-time lawyer. She has her own apartment and her own car. She has gotten her life back together. She had a fling with a famous football (soccer) player but she couldn’t commit to him the way he wanted too, so she broke it off. But before they could part ways she promised him to be his date for an art event, which so happens she runs into Sebastian for the very first time in 6 years. 

She asks to speak to him and says everything she wanted to say 6 years ago and slaps him! And then she leaves. 

At work, April gets an amazing opportunity to work for a famous lawyer, Bart, who deals with celebrities and such. She goes to their first meeting with their client and sees that its Sebastian. She tries to act professional and when Bart leaves the room he wants her back. 

Now she tries to stay away from him but she caves and they have a secret relationship. 

Now his ex-wife did a number on him because he has these problems with trust and intimacy. He kinda verbally abuses April but she dishes it right back so I don’t think it was the healthiest relationship but whatever. 

The ex-wife stirs some unwanted drama that really puts his and April’s relationship to the test. Turns out they both have scars and problems from their previous marriages that they must learn to overcome. 

April’s having major trust issues and compartmentalizing her emotions. And Sebastians being he is too rough in bed apparently and his ex-wife didn’t like that. 

Anyways, so they work on their relationship and the big reveal or climax happens where his ex-wife is pregnant. Yeah. They deal with that and April support Sebastian and stands with him until the end.   


April and Sebastian were able to work past their problems and elope. In the epilogue they have a baby – and then further into the future they have more kids and April is pregnant with a girl! HEA

My Opinion 

Out of the three books about this friend group I think my favorite was Mr. Masters. T.L. Swan’s writing is always a joy to read, especially her steamy scenes. I love the drama!

I love how her heroine characters are independent and strong. They don’t take any bullshit from the hero. 

My Ratings

  • Cover 3 / 5 
  • Drama 4 / 5
  • Steamy moments 4 / 5 
  • Writing Style 4 / 5 
  • My Rating 4 / 5 
  • Would I read again? YES

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