The Fall of a God (The Boys of Clermont Bay #2) by Holly Renee

For review of book 1 A Touch of a Villain click here.


  • The fall of a god (The Boys of Clermont Bay #2) by Holly Renee
  • second chance romance
  • book 2 of Josie and Beck’s story
  • Strong heroine
  • grovelling!!!

Hero & Heroine 

Beck Clermont

Josie Vos

Backstory (Prologue) 

In the first book, The Touch of a Villian, Josie moves into her father’s house with his wife and step-son, Lucas, after her mom died. She meets Beck at a party while they were both on the beach and they kiss. He realizes who she is and that she is “related” to Lucas which makes her his enemy. Lucas and him have a history with each other because Lucas got his sister drunk and sexually assaulted her at a party. 

Anyways, he labels Josie as the enemy and comes up with a plan to get back at Lucas through Josie. However, he starts to have feelings for her and they get together. But he filmed them and sent it to Lucas, who posted it online for their school to see. Josie thinking Beck posted it online feels betrayed and leaves him. 

Love Story 

Beck has a lot of grovelling to do in order to win Josie back. His initial plan to get back at her step-brother was to film the video and send it to him to get back at violating his sister. (However, Cami was the actual one who posted it online!)

So Josie tries to ignore everyone including Beck. She goes back to school and avoids him. She keeps her head held up high and tells anyone to screw off. Beck tries to talk to her and explain himself but he always ends up saying the wrong thing. 

But eventually he breaks down Josie’s walls and tell her everything and contastanly apologizes to her. She forgives him and they become a couple. 

However, Josie’s father doesn’t want his daughter fraternizing with Beck so he threatens Beck to back off of her. He listens and breaks Josie’s heart. 

Beck, however, finds leverage on Josie’s father (he is sleeping with an underage girl) and basically blackmails him. Josie forgives Beck and she moves out of her father’s house and into the pool house at Beck’s place.  



Next book in the series is about Carson. 

My Opinion

I liked this book, I thought it had the right amount of grovelling. I also liked how the heroine was not a fragile girl who could easily be pushed around. She held up her head as everyone at her school said mean things about her, especially Cami – she was annoying. I really didn’t understand Cami’s problem – like did she want both Beck and Josie’s dad? 

But I did like the tight knit group in the book and can’t wait to read the next book about Carson the manwhore.  

My Ratings

  • Cover 4/ 5 
  • Drama 4 / 5
  • Steamy moments 4 / 5 
  • Writing Style 4 / 5 
  • My Rating 4 / 5 
  • Would I read again? YES

Click here for more about the book

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