My Favorite SURPRISE Baby Daddy Trope Books – 15 Books

Surprise Baby Daddy Trope

Surprise baby daddy romance novels where the heroine keeps the pregnancy a secret and the hero finds out years later. This is not only a surprise baby daddy trope but also a second chance trope where they hero and heroine rekindle their relationship.

I love a second chance book especially where the hero has to grovel to get the heroine back. I also love cute kids involved as well.

  • Reed’s Reckoning by Ahren Sanders
  • Until Lily by Aurora Rose Reynolds
  • Another by Fiona Cole
  • Lies & Lullabies by Sarina Bowen
  • Lexi, Baby by Lynda LeeAnne
  • Dirty Secret by Emma Hart
  • Heartbreak Warfare by Jessica Marin
  • A lie for a lie by Helena Hunting
  • Ruin by Samantha Towle
  • James by Chantal Fernando
  • All in by Erica Marselas
  • Condemned to Love by Siobhan Davis
  • Birth of a Baby Daddy by Piper Rayne
  • Nate by Tijan
  • Poles Apart by Kirsty Moseley

Reed’s Reckoning

  • Sports (football) romance
  • Second Chance
  • Ari and Reed were college sweethearts until lies and deceit split them apart. Years later, Reed is a successful football player in the NFL. Ari is a single mom raising her son Davis. Reed must uncover all the lies and discover family betrayals that leave him heartbroken but determined to keep Ari and his son safe.

Until Lilly

  • Hero gets another girl pregnant
  • Set in Tennessee
  • Second Chance
  • Cash Mayson found his soulmate Lilly. However, a surprise pregnancy left Cash breaking it off with Lilly and Lilly raising their child on her own. It isn’t till years later where they run into each other that Cash realizes that Lilly had his baby. Now he will stop at nothing to reunite his family and get Lilly to love him again.


  • Corporate business world
  • Heroine is independent
  • One night stand
  • Carina is a strong independent woman. Set up on a blind date she hooks up with Ian and surprise surprise she discovers she is pregnant. With no way of contacting him, Carina decides to raise the baby on her own. It isn’t until months later where she runs into her baby daddy in the middle of a meeting. Ian discovers she is pregnant and wants to be involved which makes Carina hesitant at first.

Lies & Lullabies

  • rockstar romance
  • summer fling
  • Jones, a famous rockstar, spends his vacation in a small town. He meets Kira who has no idea who he is and forms a friendship with him. Once they finally get together he leaves. She later on discovers she is pregnant and keeps the baby. With no way of contacting Jones she raises their daughter on her own, but with the help of her brother.

Lexi, Baby

  • Hero cheated on the heroine in high school making the h leave without telling him she’s pregnant
  • Lexi and Landyn were high school sweethearts. Lexi discovers she is pregnant and was going to tell Landyn at their friends’s party. It isn’t until she hears moaning in the bathroom that she realizes that Landyn is in there with another girl. Lexi, heartbroken, instantly leaves Landyn and takes their child with them. It isn’t until years later where Landyn discovers he has a daughter. He wants his daughter and Lexi back. But that will take some time and effort on Landyn’s part.

Dirty Secret

  • rockstar romance
  • Hero is the lead singer of his band
  • Heroine picks up and suddenly leaves
  • Connor and Sofie were high school sweethearts. His brother and him are in a band that were just starting to take off when Sofie mysteriously disappeared. Sofie was pregnant and didn’t want to jeopardize Connor’s and his brother’s band career. It isn’t until years later where she returns to her hometown to clean up her recently deceased father’s house. Coincidentally Connor is on a break from tour and goes home. Connor realizes Sofie is home and confronts her about why she left. 

Heartbreak Warfare

  • Celebrity (actor) romance
  • second chance romance where hero was in the wrong
  • Jenna and Cal spend a weekend in Vegas together while meeting unexpectedly. They spend a lot of time together and exchange numbers. However, Jenna discovers she is pregnant and tries to contact Cal but his assistant answers every single time saying Cal is busy. She tries to tell him about the baby but doesn’t get the answer she wants and decides she doesn’t need Cal’s help. Years later, Cal is a A-List actor. He discovers he has a child because a gossip story was published. Cal and Jenna clear the air on what has happened and he wants her and his child back.

A lie for a lie

  • hockey romance
  • vacation fling
  • accidental run in years later
  • Rook is an NHL player. He takes a vacation to escape his hectic life. Upon this vacation he meets Lainey. They spent time together but suddenly he must return home. Lainey later discovers she is pregnant and leaves a note at his cabin, but he never got it. It isn’t until years later where they run into each other and Lainey tells him that he has a son.


  • Sports (boxing) romance
  • Hero leaves the heroine because he cheated on her
  • Hero returns and grovels
  • Childhood sweethearts, hero leaves heroine. Cameron was a young ballerina going to Julliard until she got pregnant. Zeus left her and later on become the heavy weight champion. Years later, Zeus realizes he can’t let go of Cam and goes back for her only to realize she has a kid… his kid.


  • Secrets and lies
  • family oriented
  • James has a lot of secrets. Those secrets caused him to lose the only girl he’s ever loved. Sasha moved away for a while and had a baby in secret. None of her family knew. It isn’t until years later when her and her son move back to Australia and Sasha tells James the truth.

All in

  • corporate, business romance
  • one night stand
  • Corporate businesses surprise baby daddy romance. CEO Liam has spent his life turning it around. Holly is an interior designer who was hired by his company to remodel his office. She recognizes him from their drunken one night stand at comic con. She tells him about their son.

Condemned to Love

  • mafia romance
  • click here for full review

Birth of a Baby Daddy

  • small town romance
  • one night stand
  • Harley travels to a small town in Alaska to find her daughter’s father. She didn’t have any intention of the father being part of her daughter’s life, she just needed his medical history. However, Rome has different intentions and wants to get to know his daughter and be a father to her. He also wants to get to know his baby momma. They had a drunken one night stand at the airport a couple years back.


  • rich hero
  • a bit of mafia
  • Surprise baby daddy falls in love with the baby’s godmother because the bio mom died. Nate is a rich dude who had a mutual agreement with his child’s mother. It isn’t until years later where Nate discovers that she had a baby and didn’t tell him. The deceased mother’s sister, Quincey, is raising the baby on her own and needs Nate’s help to get them away from her mob father.

Poles Apart

  • Sports (motorcycle racer) romance
  • Heroine works at a gentlemen club so many mistake her as a stripper
  • Carson is a famous driver in the MotoGP circuit. He meets Emma on his 18th birthday in a gentlemen’s club. They spend the night together and she gets pregnant. Now Emma is not a stripper but she does work as a waitress and a lap dancer. She gives birth and doesn’t tell Carson about their daughter because she didn’t want to jeopardize his career.

Wanna read more about Poles Apart? Click Poles Apart by Kirsty Moseley – Review and Spoilers!

Note: these are just some of my favorite surprise baby daddy trope books to read. Let me know if you like and if you want more recommendations.

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