QUICK & EASY – My Last Minute Halloween Skeleton Costume

This year, as the world is coming back to what is seems like the new normal, university students return to attending their annual functions. Functions??? I mean parties. Halloween parties to be exact.

October was the time for people to release all their pent-up frustration in being kept in-doors and were subjected to limited social gatherings, and for them to go out and release it all out to the world – in the form of dancing and drinking. Halloween just so happened to be the best time to let it all out and say F* COVID.

I went out this year, as last year I stayed home (for obvious reasons). I was still a bit hesitant in going out to a large gathering especially when you don’t know where they’ve been, and they don’t wear masks – some people engaged bodily fluids as well – so I definitely wanted to be safe and cautious. Now I decided to risk it and be one of the many Gen Zs’ to go out this Halloween.

I didn’t want to miss out just because of COVID and have that fear preventing me from experiencing things – especially my senior year. #YOLO But my last-minute decision to go resulted in me being stuck without a costume – and I didn’t want to pay a s* ton of money on a costume I was going to wear once. I wanted something that yes, was a bit risqué but still classy. But also, COVID safe.

My costume idea was to go as a skeleton. I know basic, but it is easy and affordable. I didn’t (and I still don’t) have the makeup skills to do the skull makeup that looks cool if you’ve seen it on Pinterest and YouTube. I didn’t have the necessary time to get ready, as I had a business function before the Halloween event (another story), but I needed a costume that was quick.
I remember seeing last year people wore skull cloth masks during Halloween and I thought that was such a good idea for my costume this year. But legit NOWHERE sold them or maybe I was too late.

But Amazon was my saviour. Within 3 to 4 days my mask arrived, and it was perfect.

With the mask, I wore:

  • Black Blazer from H&M
  • Black Skirt from H&M
  • Leather Chain Necklace from H&M
  • Knee High Boots from Ardene

To keep it simple I wore what I found in my closet. The black blazer I buttoned it up and it had a deep V to show off my non-existent cleavage which kept it classy. The mini-skirt I bought years ago and from H&M as well, kept it still classy and showed a little skin on my legs.

The only items I paid for were the chain necklace and the shoes. The chain necklace, again, is from H&M. I wanted something on my neck to at least give something for people to stare at and to distract them from my flat chest.

I wanted a pair of cheap boots because I knew they would get destroyed at a party so no way was I going to wear a pair of boots that I loved. But these Ardene boots were not too bad. The front was faux leather and the back of the boots were this type of spandex material. The boots were knee high and made the whole outfit edgier and bada**. They were comfy even though they had a heel on them. Definitely my go-to party shoes!


Watch: GET UNREADY WITH ME | from my halloween night out HERE

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