The second chance / surprise baby daddy / the H is rich and famous trope is: 1. very specific and 2. a trope that I have been in the mood to read. I don’t know why but these types of books always pull at my heartstrings. If you are in the mood for a good cry I recommend this list to you – or if you are in the mood to see some grovelling then, again, this list is for you.

  1. Reeds Reckoning by Ahren Sanders
  2. Ghosted by J.M. Darhower
  3. Poles Apart
  4. Heartbreak Warfare
  5. Uninhibited by Liberty Parker
  6. A lie for a lie by Helena Hunting
  7. Never too far by Abbi Glines
  8. The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders

*some of these books I have already reviewed and will link the page so I don’t have to repeat myself.

Read till the very end for more!!

Reed’s Reckoning by Ahren Sanders

H (Reed) is a now famous football player who is a man-whore, however, when he got hurt and was on vacation a little boy approaches him and he notices the similarities to himself and they girl he lost in college. He hires a PI and finds her and confronts. They realize they both had been deceived and now Reed is determined to get not only his son back but the girl (Aria) as well. Betrayals are discovered and Reed has to grovel in order to get back his girl. Overall 5/5

Ghosted by J.M. Darhower

Now this a recent read for me. I stayed up till 4am finishing this book off. I cried… a lot. So it goes back and forth between the past and the present. Usually I don’t like books like that but how the author went back and forth added to the flow of the story.

The H (Johnny) is a famous actor. In order to keep up with the hustle and influence of others he started an addiction which pushed away his high school girlfriend – always he knew she was pregnant and would show up in town either hungover or high.

The h (Kennedy) is still in her hometown working at the grocery store to support her and her daughter. She gave up everything to be with the H and support his dream on becoming an actor.

After a year of being sober, the H goes back to his hometown and asks for forgiveness and wants to know his daughter.

This was a major gut-wrenching read for me 10 / 10

Poles Apart by Kirsty Moseley

Full review here

Heartbreak Warfare by Jessica Marin

H is a famous Hollywood actor. h is an event planner. They spend time together in Vegas and she finds out she is pregnant. She contacts him via email and he said he didn’t want the child. Years later he discovers he has a child.


The H and h grew up together. They were high school sweethearts. H and his sisters formed a band that became popular with the h acting as their “manager” of sorts. However, H had to appear to the public as single in order to gain popularity for him and his sisters, which hurt the h. Misunderstanding and insecurity led them to breaking up. H finally wakes up and tracks down h only to discover he has daughter. He confronts h and they try to work things out for the sake of their daughter. In my opinion there was not enough grovelling for the h to forgive him but that’s just me

A lie for a lie

H is a famous hockey player, however the pressure of the fame and girls gets to him for which he needed a break from. He goes to Alaska for some peace and quiet. He meets the h on his travels and they form a relationship. Obviously they had a baby and she had no way of contacting him. A year later he see’s her again working at the aquarium and she tells him the truth. Not a lot of grovelling in this book but it is still a cute read.

Never Too Far

I have reviewed this book before but I think it was the first book as this is a 3 book series of the same couple. The second book is the secret baby and second chance trope. The H is the son of a famous rockstar and the h is a poor small town girl.

The Unwanted Wife

I cried. Yep… All the h went through in this book was heartbreaking and how the H treated her. Uh. I would have left him sooner. But there is grovelling in this book and not enough in my opinion. There is a secret baby involved which the H was surprised so I still included it in this list.

You want more baby daddy trope books to read – check out my reading list here.

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