WHAT TO WEAR: as a business student – business casual + affordable

Hey guys, I thought I would share what I wear as a business student for those beginning to enter into University or into the workforce and need to look professional but don't know how. I provided 5 different outfits - Monday to Friday - for you guys to see. These outfits are super easy and... Continue Reading →

What to get Someone Graduating High School or University (College) – 17 Grad Gifts for Her

Graduation is upon us and it is that time of year where we must decide what to get our fellow graduate finishing off school. Gifts could be a range of things, items they might need when going off to University or entering the work life. I have provided a general list of grad gift ideas... Continue Reading →

How to BREAK in Dr. Martens in 6 Easy Steps – It’s Quick and Painless

Here are 6 simple steps in breaking in your Dr. Martens, DM's, Doc Martens, as quickly and painlessly as possible so they are ready to wear within a week! Perfect for the summer. So I recently got Dr. Martens (DM) and as we all know you have to break them in. Which is the most... Continue Reading →

Gifts for Her Under $100 During COVID-19

What do you get for someone for their birthday during COVID? Every year for my birthday, my siblings would ask me “what do I want for your birthday?” And every year I would give them my birthday wish list of items I want. Usually it's clothes, makeup, a new bag, shoes etc. I’m basic.  It... Continue Reading →

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