Angel’s Cage (Molotov Obsession #2) by Anna Zaires – Review and Spoilers

Overview:  Angel’s Cage (Molotov Obsession Book 2) by Anna Zaires The conclusion of Nikolai’s and Chloe’s storyRussian Mafia type romance Dominate, Alpha, Compulsive male Defiant heroine Cute kid involved Hero & Heroine  Nikolai Molotov  Chloe Backstory (Prologue)  In the previous book, Devil's Lair (reviewed that one already here), Chloe is on the run from an unknown assassin. She sees... Continue Reading →

The Best Mafia Book Recommendations

Here are some of the best mafia romance novels I have read. Do you love reading about the mafia, mobs, gang related content about the Costa Nostra, The Bratva, The Outfit and so on. Organized crime is the theme of these mafia related books. Some of these books are darker than others but there are... Continue Reading →

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